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Contest Post

I would like to apologize if a lot of my post as for competition.

I would like to admit that I need the prizes (cash mostly) so that I can .. makes life wee bit easier (not really wining anything than that shoe design comp tho =P).  Moreso, my life is super boring and I dont really have anything to write about other than the ranting of being poor, cold and fat.  So competition makes blogging better as I have a topic to write about already.

Hopefully you undestand guys.


Center Parcs Family Break Comp Entry

Heres our entry for the Center Parcs Family Break Comp
themeparcs 2

We have designed a fun packed joy ride of a ride called Volcano geyser rush. You are taken up to the top of a volcano then start your journey down the water slide with jets of water appearing all around you as you go. The ride takes you round a bend and then down a staircase of rapids ending in a big swimming pool with a cafe in the middle for you to get refreshments. Alternatively you can hop on a cable car back to the beginning to start the adventure all over again. If you don’t feel like an adrenaline rush looking over the ride is a collection of volcanic hot springs from which you can soak away your worries as you watch people speed by.