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Pedestrian Crossing

Last Thursday, I was crossing the street.  Son says GO! GO! GO! which means that the green sign is on. It is.. our turn.. cars stop except for …

We are crossing the street and suddenly a car pass us not stopping. 

I usually run when we cross the street because my son perks up when he see the green guy.  Its cold that day too so I am hurrying up to go home after buying things from the supermarket.

I was shocked when that didn't stop.  I just looked at the other guy crossing with us and he is talking in the phone.

I told my husband and he is asking if I want to report it and I said no cuz I dont want to be a nuisance… and I dont remember any details of thatt car…

I just remember there are big dogs inside .. 2 or 3… big dogs

The thing is… now I am scared to cross the street… I mean… If I am walking, crossing the street faster he wouldve hit my son… who im pushing in his pram.. not me… my son….

I am scared for him.. I am scared cuz… cuz i almost lost my son to a guy who doesnt stop in his red light….

I dont know what to do to .. to go back to normal… not being scared and scarred from crossing the street…



As i told in my last posts Ive been busy reviewing for the Life In The UK Test.

It is a required test for a wife of a foreigner or someone who wants to eventually settle in the UK.  I need it before I can apply for my Indefinite Leave to Remain.  My VISA will expire soon and I need to do the exam fast and I only have few days to review for it.  Hence my absence here in spite of the past important holidays (xmas & new year).

I am happy to tell you guys that I PASS THE TEST!!!!

I am so proud that I am the first person to come out of the exam room and I still pass! Though my heart was pounding and would explode in fear while waiting at he back of my head I know that my answers are right.

Thats January 9.

January 10 was uneventful.. or so I thought.  Been left out .. out cuz our internet went berzerk… I was suppose to download forms for the ILR (Ind. Leave to Remain) application but I cant …

Imagine my horror when hubby went home.  Sad face and he eventually cried.. he said that I am late in applying for ILR and I might get deported or something.

All of the liquid in my body went up to my head… and it wants to explode…

True I been dying to see home and my fam but I want it cuz of choice not cuz I am deported.

Panic in the disco!

I hugged him.

I just said .. if ever I will go home… I will bring my son okay.  In tears he nodded.

We hugged again.

He gave me the form to fill out.  He said we need to submit it fast.

He needs to go to his second work and I was left to do the filling up… head aching and toddler bugging me.. i tried my best to answer all the question in that form sanely.

There are so many problems.. like the documents required how can i produce them???? Our fillinf system is so crazy and I dont know where to get them..

Address that me and hubby are using are different .. same house diff name.. UGH!

Why oh why????

Hubby went back from owrk early to help.. but he just mainly stared at the wall.. I feel for him…

I thought that.. that i'd be happy to go home but when I thought that my son would be far fr his fave man… i felt sad.

We tried to act normal for our toddler.. he is just bouncing all over the house not knowing how grave our problem is…

Hubby skipped work the next day too.. i photocopied everything while hes window shopping at banks looking for deals .. we need money for the ILR fee and its not cheap…

mistake.. being turned down is not an option tho our chance are already slim for being late in submitting it.. =(

Hubby and I hugged a lot the whole day everytime we can.. we might not have the chance to do so again =(

I think both of us, were thinking of the worst case scenario.. toddler and I going home.. leaving him here..alone

I was able to produce documents needed… we went to citizens advice bureau to ask for advice in questions we dont understand…

Our aim of submitting the documents friday, that day wont go through… we dont have money and we need some more documents =(

I asked him to review the forms again for mistakes or questions that I might have missed….

left him to go and buy food and then when i went back i got a hug again… he told me that … He misread the form… Im still in the right time frame but I really need to do it fast as my visa is expiring soon =)

I can breath again… THIS PEOPLE IS MY REAL NEW YEAR… my new lease on life…

This.. this event.. this situation only prove how much my hubby loves us… i might have had forgotten it cuz of our daily grind.. its hard days and nights for us…

But we love each other.. he still loves us and he said he cant live w/o us..

Its a rollercoaster ride.. this last few days…

but ill be okay…

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of us.

I can pass the application this tuesday hopefully ill get my ILR… =)


New year


I am sorry Im an absentee blogger .. still reviewing for the lifeintheuk test that I am scared of and.. ugh.. got sick and got my mens… so body is in pain =P

ill be back once this is over and hopefully when I get back i have good news =P

Lets have an awesome 2013 y'all!