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Remember this shoe design contest that I won??!!!!!

Can i admit that my only motivation in doing these competition is the prize?  I need the cash or anything that would help our life wee bit easier (cuz its not)…  and my well … when toddler is asleep thats the time I can doodle and draw ….

this contest
I dont usually win a design contest as I… I am not fash enough i think…

I managed to do decent designs and I sent it but im not expecting anything cuz well .. it hurts when you expect and you do not win… but inside me theres this small spark of hope…

i sent these designs:
photo (15)
this one is inspired by a dress that my husband bought from topshop.. the zipper run through and you can get in and out of the dress easily… breeze!  which is a nice idea especially if you are a mum … its a summer shoe so i reckon mesh is ok cuz though the shoe is a boots its still cool enough to wear on hot days …
photo (14)
these 2 shoes are both inspired by goth… spikes and skulls…. the nice thing about this is that the strapcan be removed so you have an option of a slip on shoe and you can use your slip on shoe as a real shoe by putting this strap! genius right????

But the thing is… i left it on the dining tableish [we dont eat on it cuz its too small so we eat on the sofa =(]  my son drew doodles on it…  ON THE SHOES!!!!!

my knees actually shook…. its not easy to find time to draw things when youre a mum of a toddler…

but i decided to sent it anyways as … theres prolly one mom in there in the panelof judges and she would understand… =P

when Look Magazine told me that I've won.. ithought that its the first design that won it….

But when I saw the shoe in the magazine

the one thats got doodles .. my son's doodles =P

… it feels so nice that this happened… me winning and then seeing the shoes … FOR REALS! manufactured, made.. into REAL SHOES!!!!!

kinda makes me .. value myself more….  i dont feel and see myself as a useless person…

i hope you guys would buy the shoes cuz … cuz to you its just a shoe to me this .. this is like HOPE that came true…