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A look into Look’s Interactive Issue

For the first time ever, my husband and son beats me into reading MY Look magazine. Well they aren't really reading but playing on the new interactive issue! Yes Look came up with an interactive issue and now the magazine is not just for girls but for (little and big) boys to play with as well.

When I finally got to get hold of the magazine! I understood while my boys are so into it.  Its like a new toy! You need your phone,ipads or any gadgets that you can download a Blippar apps FREE from itunes or android store.  Open your Blippar Apps & Then the magic begins =P

photo (3)
options would pop out of your pages and you can do a gazillion of  things!

We did this!
Be a cover girl/boy/pet along with Kate and believe me we had so much fun !

But there's so much more>>>>> in addition to it being our usual all around fashion and beauty magazine you can also:
watch tutorials, movie trailers, additional articles on our Princess Kate & the fashion 'it' boy, videos of behind-the-scenes of photo shoots, see the models in 3D, and try the hairstyles if its suits you (hubby tried it but.. i think hell stick to his normal hair for now =P)
 WHEW! That's a lot!!! But there's MORE>>>>>>

or couch or bed or stairs [this is where i read my magazines =P]photo 3 (5)
(and while we are at it why not buy the shoesies that I designed and won a competition at Look by Debenhams!!!!)

The interactive issue is really magic.  There are worlds in every pages that we can go to, discover and enjoy.  Our gadgets and that orange B app is our key to unlocking these doors.  Let us take advantage of this issue, get one now for only 99p and experience> awesome .  Hopefully Look will come up with another interactive issue cuz we could all use some more magic in our life =)



I cooked this as an entry to the #ELLEBakeOff with these as motivation> benefit goodies

But its not as luscious as the other entry so I am just going to blog on how I did it .. cuz ..cuz I WANT TO! To the Filipino readers (if I have readers at all mwahaha) sorry, I know you know how to cook this already but I'm just proud that I now know how to cook Leche Flan cuz im so not good in the kitchen.

Milestone for me> HELL YES =P

Lets start!

Ingredients (for this batch):

  For Flan:
7 small egg yolks
1/2 can Condensed Milk (I use Light)
  For syrup:
Lemon Juice
2/3 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water

  Pre-heat oven.  Mine is at 250Degrees. Add water in a tray.  Were going to do Bain Marie.

  Melt sugar in a pan in med heat.  When it turns golden in color & starting to get grainy add the lemon juice & water.  Just let it thicken.  If you want bitter syrup you know the drill add more sugar and add juice in water later when the sugar turns brown. Then pour in your moulds and or ramekins. Then start separating egg yolks and whites. You can do meringue with the whites (I dont know how =P)… add milk, water and MIX!

If you want the flan to be smooth you can strain with cheesecloth (in my case son's muslin squares) but when you want texture you can skip straining and pour the mixture in your ramekins and moulds. Add in your oven (I lower this now to 200degrees), cover with foil as the steam is the one who will cook it**.  Wait for like 20-30 minutes.  Checking every so often that the water wont go dry. When a toothpick or fork would go out of the Flan clean its ready! Let cool, turn over in a plate and serve!
**If you have a steamer (sadly I dont) you can also use that instead of the oven. Same procedure. Put your moulds & ramekins in the steamer with boiling water and just wait for 30 minutes.

Traffic sucks =)

The road in our area is under renovation which causes traffic to go slow.  Mr. Little decided to take a shortcut and its a BIG MISTAKE! We were there trapped in  parking lot of awhile and son is bored.  I was actually videowing him here cuz he likes the song and I know he is going to sing along.

His reaction to when we finally move is > PRICELESS. Then we stopped again, his reaction is pricelesser =P


Life After Life

It is a bit of a drag that I am done reading this book.  Books dont come often in my way as  they can be very expensive but I am lucky enough to be chosen as one of the reader who reviews this one for a magazine.  I am a panel reader yes.

It is overwhelming to look at thick and serious looking book. Heavy too.  I brace myself.  How can I read this on the allotted time when its s thick =P It is Life after Life by Kate Atkinson.

It is easy to see whats going on with this book.  Ursula Todd is …. living his life after life after life.

The idea of being born again and again till you get it right is not questionable to me at all.  This book actually made me think, what if i'm living one of my lives and .. what if i did live before this as me and i was given a chance to live it again?

Her life is normal. Sometimes too short. Next one always better not necessarily happier but better.

Just when I thought that Ursula's life is becoming predictable something would happen to make my heart beat faster.  The words are simple and beautifully written sometimes poetic in a non poetry way.  I dog eared a lot of pages just to remind myself of her most heartbreaking experiences. There are lots.  Happy times are there too.  Her family is usually the harbinger of good memories.  But also the giver of the most unforgettable sad ones.

While reading the book, It owned me. It's like I am here in 2013 as a ghost and I live in her life as a spirit observing things when they happen, unfold before our eyes.

I wish I can tell of the moments when I cried and laugh but I don't want to give spoilers away same way I don't want to read about them when I am going to read a new book but there are lots of moments when I cried with her, Died with her, born again with her.

I am a sucker for sadness but I am also a creature of Hope (hence Glimmer of Hope) and these words gave me some more of it:

"Little slivers of light in the darkness"
photo (36)

I still live in her world even after reading her few weeks. Curse of an engaging book. You think of it, wonder about it. Wish it never ended. But it did.   The book it's worth reading Life after Life after Life =)




I only have 20p in my bank =P

It must be the Nutella that I ate or the fact that I have Nutella still that's making me zen at the moment. =P

photo 1 (5)

Yep I'd never thought I'd say that but I am zen =P

I mean I got use to it, laptop busted, cold night creeping in, not potty trained son, no cellphone, cant afford to visit home, gained so much weight, binge eating, not winning any of the contest that I joined in.

Its tiring to be sad. I mean how can u stay sad this long when its sunny
photo 2 (6)

I'll enjoy this moment cuz there's going to be a storm on Monday.  You get use to it.  All these problems.  You get use to it till you go numb.  That is my state now.  Numb.  Use to it.

Does that mean I am stronger now?

Does that mean I can handle more problems?

I dont know.  Hopefully this is rock bottom and hopefully this is me going back up.

Now what can I buy my with 20p



Son loves to doodle a lot lately.  His fave are road networks.  He would draw them with concentration. So I reckon its just right that we join the Tots100 Seawig Competition by and Tots100 of course!

But he cant draw something concrete like say Seawig yet.  So I chose one of his pre-school drawings to seawigfy =) I photocopy teh original drawing and then tried making characters out of it =) This is what came out of it. Not perfect but FUN! FUN! FUN!
photo 1 (4)

And since i like squids, I added him just for fun!
photo 2 (5)

Its really therapeutic to draw these characters as they are fun and easy and there's no stress in doing them at all! Sarah McIntyre's job is one of those that saves and makes the world a better place =P  I can only imagine how much fun it is to draw for kids!

 Hopefully well be given a chance to win and have our portrait immortalized! Yey!


How do they do it is always a question in my head when I see a calm kid and an even calmer mom.

Obviously I am struggling (more lately) with motherhood.  I thought that I'll have it easy raising a baby (now toddler) with my mother on my side to guide me.  But we have to go far from my support group (mostly her) and well … its not easy.

A blog I regularly read posted this recently> Tell a friend: You are a good mama. I read the link> #YouAreAGoodMama and cried.  Just what I need. There's nothing more than I want today than to be the best mother than I can be for my son because I love him and I want to give him something that he can bring with him till his old> a good childhood, teenhood.. a good life. Which I hope will make him a better person.  Citizen.  I know a bit poetic, unrealistic but I just want to be a good mother.

But I am having doubts as of late.  Tantrums.  Normal or not its hurting me and I want to be better and I have no one to ask what to do.  Or no one is telling me if I'm doing things (hopefully) right or wrong.  I have no friend.

After reading this and knowing that there are mothers out there who's also struggling .. I felt better.  Not being alone is .. well not feeling alone.  I don't have friend but I am fighting with myself for the longest time.  Its about time to start being nice to me, be friends with me and if no one will ever tell me I will tell myself: You are a good mama.

Its not instant.  But I would like to think that I stumbled upon this blog because I need it.

And for those who need it as well. I am here to tell you that: