Life After Life

It is a bit of a drag that I am done reading this book.  Books dont come often in my way as  they can be very expensive but I am lucky enough to be chosen as one of the reader who reviews this one for a magazine.  I am a panel reader yes.

It is overwhelming to look at thick and serious looking book. Heavy too.  I brace myself.  How can I read this on the allotted time when its s thick =P It is Life after Life by Kate Atkinson.

It is easy to see whats going on with this book.  Ursula Todd is …. living his life after life after life.

The idea of being born again and again till you get it right is not questionable to me at all.  This book actually made me think, what if i'm living one of my lives and .. what if i did live before this as me and i was given a chance to live it again?

Her life is normal. Sometimes too short. Next one always better not necessarily happier but better.

Just when I thought that Ursula's life is becoming predictable something would happen to make my heart beat faster.  The words are simple and beautifully written sometimes poetic in a non poetry way.  I dog eared a lot of pages just to remind myself of her most heartbreaking experiences. There are lots.  Happy times are there too.  Her family is usually the harbinger of good memories.  But also the giver of the most unforgettable sad ones.

While reading the book, It owned me. It's like I am here in 2013 as a ghost and I live in her life as a spirit observing things when they happen, unfold before our eyes.

I wish I can tell of the moments when I cried and laugh but I don't want to give spoilers away same way I don't want to read about them when I am going to read a new book but there are lots of moments when I cried with her, Died with her, born again with her.

I am a sucker for sadness but I am also a creature of Hope (hence Glimmer of Hope) and these words gave me some more of it:

"Little slivers of light in the darkness"
photo (36)

I still live in her world even after reading her few weeks. Curse of an engaging book. You think of it, wonder about it. Wish it never ended. But it did.   The book it's worth reading Life after Life after Life =)



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