I cooked this as an entry to the #ELLEBakeOff with these as motivation> benefit goodies

But its not as luscious as the other entry so I am just going to blog on how I did it .. cuz ..cuz I WANT TO! To the Filipino readers (if I have readers at all mwahaha) sorry, I know you know how to cook this already but I'm just proud that I now know how to cook Leche Flan cuz im so not good in the kitchen.

Milestone for me> HELL YES =P

Lets start!

Ingredients (for this batch):

  For Flan:
7 small egg yolks
1/2 can Condensed Milk (I use Light)
  For syrup:
Lemon Juice
2/3 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water

  Pre-heat oven.  Mine is at 250Degrees. Add water in a tray.  Were going to do Bain Marie.

  Melt sugar in a pan in med heat.  When it turns golden in color & starting to get grainy add the lemon juice & water.  Just let it thicken.  If you want bitter syrup you know the drill add more sugar and add juice in water later when the sugar turns brown. Then pour in your moulds and or ramekins. Then start separating egg yolks and whites. You can do meringue with the whites (I dont know how =P)… add milk, water and MIX!

If you want the flan to be smooth you can strain with cheesecloth (in my case son's muslin squares) but when you want texture you can skip straining and pour the mixture in your ramekins and moulds. Add in your oven (I lower this now to 200degrees), cover with foil as the steam is the one who will cook it**.  Wait for like 20-30 minutes.  Checking every so often that the water wont go dry. When a toothpick or fork would go out of the Flan clean its ready! Let cool, turn over in a plate and serve!
**If you have a steamer (sadly I dont) you can also use that instead of the oven. Same procedure. Put your moulds & ramekins in the steamer with boiling water and just wait for 30 minutes.

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