A look into Look’s Interactive Issue

For the first time ever, my husband and son beats me into reading MY Look magazine. Well they aren't really reading but playing on the new interactive issue! Yes Look came up with an interactive issue and now the magazine is not just for girls but for (little and big) boys to play with as well.

When I finally got to get hold of the magazine! I understood while my boys are so into it.  Its like a new toy! You need your phone,ipads or any gadgets that you can download a Blippar apps FREE from itunes or android store.  Open your Blippar Apps & Then the magic begins =P

photo (3)
options would pop out of your pages and you can do a gazillion of  things!

We did this!
Be a cover girl/boy/pet along with Kate and believe me we had so much fun !

But there's so much more>>>>> in addition to it being our usual all around fashion and beauty magazine you can also:
watch tutorials, movie trailers, additional articles on our Princess Kate & the fashion 'it' boy, videos of behind-the-scenes of photo shoots, see the models in 3D, and try the hairstyles if its suits you (hubby tried it but.. i think hell stick to his normal hair for now =P)
 WHEW! That's a lot!!! But there's MORE>>>>>>

or couch or bed or stairs [this is where i read my magazines =P]photo 3 (5)
(and while we are at it why not buy the shoesies that I designed and won a competition at Look by Debenhams!!!!)

The interactive issue is really magic.  There are worlds in every pages that we can go to, discover and enjoy.  Our gadgets and that orange B app is our key to unlocking these doors.  Let us take advantage of this issue, get one now for only 99p and experience> awesome .  Hopefully Look will come up with another interactive issue cuz we could all use some more magic in our life =)


5 thoughts on “A look into Look’s Interactive Issue

  1. Anonymous


    The interactive look magazine looks like a cool fun and intelligent attept by the magazine to make their magazine interactive and entertaining I am going to buy one and try this myself.

    I love your blog please keep up the good work 🙂 x


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