Too Young, Too Soon

I left the Phlippines before any of this happened.

A first cousins daughter got pregnant at 14.  I gasped at this and yet this is normal in our area.  Still a child getting pregnant.  Some of my aunts got married & pregnant at 14,15,16.  I am (and my sister) is considered TOO old to get married and to get pregnant after all.

She left school when she got pregnant.

She gave birth, this child. A baby with a baby.  The  husband is as young as her.  Apparently, the girl would always go out with friends and leave the baby to the husband.

After all the mother is young and this is the age where you go out with friends. Discover things.  Enjoy life.

When I gave birth at 35, my husband was here in the UK.  EVerytime the baby cry and I am alone I cry too.  The only thing that keeps me sane are the people who visit me and small cousins who cheer me up.  I am 35.  Supposedly mature and this is all too hard, parenthood.

Now I can only imagine how it is to be 15, a young father and a baby crying nonstop.  And your partner is out and you can picture things in your head on whats shes up to.

The young father hanged himself. Suicide.

I don't personally know him and yet I am hurting.

I can not and wont and I don't have the right to blame my cousins daughter.  She is a child.

This event is tragic.

And the saddest part is that there is a baby involve.

There are probably happy relationships that started early.  Couple started at 15 whose relationship withstand the test of time.   But I haven't seen or heard of one, yet.

There are so many issues that are involve in this tragedy.  Contraception, Sex Education (which is taboo in my country), Abortion rights (another topic that no one wants to talk about) and Post natal depression (mother and father side) support.  None of these issues are a priority in my country.  We just suffered from #Haiyan and so many problems are being tackled. Sadly none of them are these.  But when will they tackle these mentioned issues?  Because they are there since I was a kid.  Before me.  Hopefully they will give time and politician will touch this soon. Because it is needed.

For now condolence to the family of that boy.  I don't know you but I am praying for peace for you and your family.  I lost a lot of people in the past and it is painful. It is a place that I dont want to experience because I dont know if I can handle it.



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