Winter Babe

As i write this areolas are itchy and red (TMI Sorry) and I have so many eczema patches all over my body.  Its the sign for me that winter is coming and Autumn is saying/said goodbye. And I am officially MISERABLE.

I have this hate in me when Winter is here.  A blanket of sadness and depression covers me.  The lack of warmth and sunshine is getting on me.

Im am so tired of being at war with this weather, been here for 3 years.  I will probably stay some more.  If that's the case I should be thinking how can I turn things around.  How can I be happy in winter? How can I be my own Little Miss Sunshine when the weather is not? How can I make my school runs more bearable. How I can be at peace with myself and with Jack Frost!


Ill start with going to the doctor to ask what to do with the eczema.  Hopefully the doctor is a girl so that the areola wont be shy. And the misery will be gone with some ointment.

Then I will find things that's nice in winter! If I can.  Ill start now.  Winter is nice bcuz of Christmas! True I wont get any gifts but who can stop Christmas???  I can play my fave cheesy xmas song non stop (Last Xmas mwahaha) and bug the neighbors with it (Fun right?!)

I'll take pictures of the trees who are feeling colder than me cuz they cant find blankets that will fit them! Ha Bless the trees!


If I feel cold Ill hold my son's hand and walk with him cuz hes got the warmest hand ever.  Kids they have their own boiler inside their bodies!

And if anything else fails, Ill get free hugs from my family.  That would work for now and I have the whole winter season to think it over.

Bring it on =)


**Pictures taken all over Bristol City

2 thoughts on “Winter Babe

  1. Anonymous

    I hope the doctor is able to help you, many people suffer from SADS in the winter months, perhaps this is what is making you feel gloomy?
    I love that you look at the bright side of things too, I like hot chocolates and watching the leaves change colour too! xx Tin


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