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That is November & December for me. Not a week that me and/or my son is not sick. This started when we start pre-school of course. But it got worse when the weather changed from Autumn to Winter. It got worse that I dont remember how it is to be not sick anymore.

I think it is because we are exposed to the elements when we go to school. Son and I don’t use car and we are out there for the viruses and bacteria to latch on to.

They are latching pretty well too =P

So we had everything, from fever to cough to runny nose to dry itchy skin.

Last last nigh tho is something else for me.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling queezy. I went to the toilet and vomited salive. thick ones. No food.. just those.

And i feel really really weak and cold all over. I dont even remember what im feeling but I know that I am on the floor. Holding on to the toilet bowl to stay sitting and I wish that mu husband is there but he is at work delivering pizza.

I thought that I am going to die and I am crying because my son is inside our room alone and theres no one to help us. I want to dial 999 but I cant even stand up.

After vomiting nothing. I waited. Waited. Let some warm water from the bath tub tap.. thats the only level that I can go. I cant stand for the sink. And let the warm water warm my clammy cold hands.

It must have done wonders cuz I was able to literally crawl back to bed, back to my son. He is awake now and is waiting. Probably wondering whats going on.

He hugged me. I dont know what I have or if what I have is bad for him but I felt that I needed the hug cuz I feel cold and he is feverish.

Everything felt really really cold.

I am not even sure if I am still alive when I went to bed. Could I be a ghost already =P

It went on and on until i fell asleep.

I woke up with hubby already in bed. I feel wee bit better now.

I need something to fight this. I am not use to being this weak from sickness. I use to be the last one standing when its flu season is my country.

I of course is taking a lot of vitamins in there. Exercising when I can and eating healthy.

I have to admit that I am not doing anything of that here so I am so vulnerable. I hate it. I hate it.

I need to reclaim my November & December.


2 gifts for Xmas

Its complicated to send gifts in my country.

So many red tape and bureaucracy. When Im home I have to pay big loads of money just to get my DHL package.

So sending my mother, sister a gift will be a chore to them. Not what I want them to feel this xmas. I can of course send money but I dont have any sadly.

photo 1
I won his from BodyShop and W&H magazine. I was thinking what a nice timing cuz I dont have gifts for my family yet. This would have been a good gift to them as my mother handwashes and my sister always bathes the dogs. So they need handcreams. Perfect right?

photo 2

But they are too far and sending this would have cost us more than the gift itself.

I have 2 other people who will be a good receiver tho. My mother and sister-in-law. I wrapped the gift and will give this to them not because they are my second choice to give the gifts to. but because i would just imagine… in my head.. when I gave them the gifts that they are my mother & sister. That instead of handing it to my in-laws I am handing it to the 2 people that I miss the most.. my mother & sister.

Am i bad for doing this?

But I need to do this in order to.. to be sane.

I terribly miss my mother & sister…. I am going crazy.

Thats how my brain copes.. I imagine things..

Merry CHRISTMAS nanay and Bagel. I miss you esp on Xmas. Can you also imagine that I gave this to you =P