Monthly Archives: December 2013

Boo boos

I am feeling a wee bit better! Thanks to my husband for skipping 2 days from work.

He even cleaned the vomit that my son puked a day ago. All over the carpet =( Poor husband.

He did the dishes and took care of the school run when my son can go to school.

2 days of resting did my body good bcuz I have more energy. I have enough energy to blog too! I made a lot of booboos tho. Doing things when u r sick is a great way to accumulate mistakes especially on the social media.

I should make an app that is attach to each of my twitter, FB and IG entries telling people that I am sick on under the influence of paracetamol just to excuse myself.

A lot of my twitter post as deleted by me bcuz they sounded nice when im composing them but reads like I am boasting when its posted =(

I also commented on a lot of post too w/o reading the link yet and well>>> BOOBOOS!!!!

I also cooked a BIG BATCH of rice pudding that has gone to waste. bcus it got burned. Weren’t able to smell it =(

I don’t actually if I feel better bcuz I am healed or I am use to the pain. I gained muscles already from coughing so hard. First at the back and then in the tummy. Who knew that coughing can give abs. I have abs haha.

I didn’t lose weight to cuz Ive been eating my son’s food. He s not eating them even know he got better few days before me.

I miss my old self. I miss doing the chores cuz its my contribution to this family. I felt less of a woman for not being able to do it =(

I miss my son bcuz who can hug a toddler when you know you can give him something bad.

Im glad things are better now. Its Xmas season!!!!???? I should be worrying about xmasssy stuff and not how to get out of bed and not how I feel like some sumo wrestler is sitting on my head every night.

But now the sumo wrestler is no longer bugging me. Thanks to Hubby. Thanks to my patient Twitter friends, to my sister, to my son. Thanks to everyone who understood how it is =)

Im glad, I should prolly go to church to give thanks to the fact that I am alive again =)

SIck days

My son has been coughing since Monday.  He cant sleep at night because he's bunged up too.  Wednesday is vaccine day.  He got 6-in-1 vaccine. Well in here its 6-in-2 … We went to thesurgery early and the nurse said its okay to give him vaccine even if he's got cough & runny nose as long as hes eating.

He does eat.

When she started with the first injection I thought hewould cry.  He didnt.  Second injection is a breeze as well. I am so proud of this!  Then he just went out of the surgery like nothing happened with the occasional coughing.  He went to pre-school in the afternoon.  When night came he got fever.  He is even hallucinating.  This is something new bcuz before he doesnt do this even when he has high fever.  Spasm is in there too.

He never take meds directly as it is I have to hide it in his yogurt.  So i gave him the hallucinations went away but not the high fever & spasm.

In the morning hes sluggish the whole day and this is something new as well. Even if hes got fever he would always ne ok in the morning and would harass the sofa by jumping on it.

few more calpol and he got better. We went out to see some xmas tree opening and he seemed livelier seeing festive people. When we went home the fever is back but less disturbing than the night before.

Friday he woke up better. I was able to bring him to school and hes got fever again when night time came.
Saturday is the same. Hes ok in the morning and hes got fever in the evening. Hes losing weight too as his appetite is so and so.

While all of this is bugging him. I started to get fever Wednesday night as well. When we went to the surgery its full of coughing and sickly people & I suspect I got something from there.

Taking care of a sick baby while you are sick as well is not good. When I need to give him his meds at night I have to wait till my head clears as well. Hubby works at night (second job) so he cant help.

Again this is happening ang household chores are building up and the house is starting to look more like a dumpsite than well a house.

And I cant seem to blog cuz my hands and eyes are not working together. I donthave coordination at all. Hence my Saturday and Sunday photo are chaotic =P

During my 3 years here in the UK .. this is the only time that I got sick this much. When I started doing school runs and being exposed to the changing weather. My mother body is usually resilient to sickness even when my son is coughing on my face before.

I need a decent coat. Waterproof ones I reckon and I told husband about this. I usually get wet when its raining on school run going home soaking. We found a nice decent long ones that is not only waterproof but isalso winter/snowproof! God bless Trespass! But Alas! We don't have extra 50pounds to spend so I have to be ready for more sickly days ahead.

I cried when I got home feeling so down that I can not arm myself. I am not mad at hubby. He is already working 2 jobs just to make end meet here in this household. I am just frustrated.

Its during this hard time that I MISS HOME. As many of you know a strong typhoon hit Philippines. My home. But when it gets hard, I have relatives that I can run too in there. I can borrow money from when I am this tight. Or even sharkloaners. Old classmates and friends that I can ask to for help or even run to my son's god parents. Or when I am sick, my mother can take care of me .. and some gazillions of relatives will help me in raising my kid …

Itsnt fun to be sick =(