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Word of the Week

I have so much things to do really and the house is a mess and the laundry is waiting to be dried. I also feel awfully cold especially during school runs as I am exposed to weather. Rain, shine, hail storm.

I know its normal life but… but in my mind I am escaping. I am daydreaming of sunny beaches, being at home with my sister & pets & mother. Daydreaming of owning a magic wand that would clean the house.

It probably works as I am still (i think) sane =P

Thats my word of the week.


Lets all escape and go to a place where everything is magically possible

The Reading Residence

Sebastian’s Towers – Mini Creations

His grandfather (father side) is an Architect. I'm an Architecture Graduate =P So sometimes i am thinking is it cuz hes got it in his blood. But I think toddler just loves to create tall towers to see on what high it is going to crumble and fall =)

This is what he did way back. He was really proud of this tower from random things around the house.
photo 1 (2)

And then the tower got more sophisticated few days ago. More mature (even his stance beside his work  got a bit mature) =P
photo 3 (1)

I cant wait for his future towers. What would this toddler think of next??? I would defo share it in #MiniCreations.

Mini Creations

Potty Training, British Citizenship & all those exams

It was so random. I asked my son if he likes to pee and he did and we brought his thingy out, aimed at the potty then comes out .. PEE!

Its been a struggle for me to start potty training him not because he is not ready but because I am not ready. I really dont know where to start and this is like not only a milestone for him but me as well.

Since last week he is already peeing on the potty. But with a little help from mom and dad with the aiming. =P

I was just waiting for him to get use to the weewee/peepee in the potty till i start with the poo level.

This is while I am so stressed & busy with completing requirements for the British Citizenship application.  I just realize that I need to take an a language exam and this is hard for me cuz mu brain is not use to study mode anymore. True I am a Interior Design student but Architecture/Interior Design is my career in Manila so its more or doing the projects.

I started reading/reviewing (or in the UK revising) on some books to see how much time I need to learn things before I took the exam.  I need a lot of time. Months.

So last Saturday and Sunday I am holed up in the library reading broadsheets & reading a book to help me pass this requirement. While I am at the library, husband, toddler & mother-in-law was in a playarea.. playing, bonding. Sunday is the same too. They went to an event and I am at the library.

Yesterday, Monday I was picking up my son from pre-school with my husband and he didnt run to me but happily hugged his dad while asking for picnic (thats he's snack).

Hurts. Somewhere inside me… heart felt a bit of pain.

And I have to do this every Saturday and Sunday. No mommy but Nain will be there and daddy.

My relationship with my son is the sacrificial lamb? What happens Monday-Friday? Me doign chores so that there will be less of it in weekends so I am not exactly spending time with my son as well.

He is in school now and…

And I miss him.

And I want to like make an appeal to the British Embassy to let me be a mom but who am I kidding =P Who am I to be exempted to these requirements????

After me writing this blog, I need to do chores again and then hit the books and then pick my son up … I am promising that no matter how dirty the house is I will TRY MY BEST to ignore it and try to play with my son & watch his fave show > Time For School.

I will take time and smell his head. I always find solace in smelling my son's head. Like somewhere in there is a prozac factory or something. It pacifies me and I will do that today because I need it.

I will take my exam on mid of March. And I dread the days to come that I have to spent away from him.  Ugh! Separation Anxiety much =(

Sacrifices are needed for me to be British. Hope its worth it tho.


Its Monday!

Busy week ahead, gloomy colder weather, our cat in Manila is still not home but! But! It wont stop me from being happy. Cuz there's hope!

Pepe our cat will go back. He is probably fighting to go home now and he will go back!

Pepe is the one that gives me happiness cuz he is the man (err Cat) who always keeps my mother company when all of us are out. Pepe where ever you are here's a picture of your family waiting for your return =)

photo (4)

He is a dad to groovy lil kittens & a husband to a pretty lil munchin of a cat> Polar!

Whoever have him please bring him back to us cuz he is not just a pet to us but a member of our family who we love dearly.

Theres hope that he will go back and that hope gives me Happiness.

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Learn With Me: Photography, Week 2


Went to a place called Uphill yesterday and took some interesting pictures. The place is a rocky high hill with an old church on top. I almost give up & planned on not going because the soil is wet & slippery but I glad we went ahead cuz the view is as always breathtaking and the short walk is a nice exercise. OH said we will do this every Saturday now.

The perspective of this picture is different mainly because I cant keep up with hubby =P Which incidently is the topic of the Photography Week Linky.

Enjoy =)