Potty Training, British Citizenship & all those exams

It was so random. I asked my son if he likes to pee and he did and we brought his thingy out, aimed at the potty then comes out .. PEE!

Its been a struggle for me to start potty training him not because he is not ready but because I am not ready. I really dont know where to start and this is like not only a milestone for him but me as well.

Since last week he is already peeing on the potty. But with a little help from mom and dad with the aiming. =P

I was just waiting for him to get use to the weewee/peepee in the potty till i start with the poo level.

This is while I am so stressed & busy with completing requirements for the British Citizenship application.  I just realize that I need to take an a language exam and this is hard for me cuz mu brain is not use to study mode anymore. True I am a Interior Design student but Architecture/Interior Design is my career in Manila so its more or doing the projects.

I started reading/reviewing (or in the UK revising) on some books to see how much time I need to learn things before I took the exam.  I need a lot of time. Months.

So last Saturday and Sunday I am holed up in the library reading broadsheets & reading a book to help me pass this requirement. While I am at the library, husband, toddler & mother-in-law was in a playarea.. playing, bonding. Sunday is the same too. They went to an event and I am at the library.

Yesterday, Monday I was picking up my son from pre-school with my husband and he didnt run to me but happily hugged his dad while asking for picnic (thats he's snack).

Hurts. Somewhere inside me… heart felt a bit of pain.

And I have to do this every Saturday and Sunday. No mommy but Nain will be there and daddy.

My relationship with my son is the sacrificial lamb? What happens Monday-Friday? Me doign chores so that there will be less of it in weekends so I am not exactly spending time with my son as well.

He is in school now and…

And I miss him.

And I want to like make an appeal to the British Embassy to let me be a mom but who am I kidding =P Who am I to be exempted to these requirements????

After me writing this blog, I need to do chores again and then hit the books and then pick my son up … I am promising that no matter how dirty the house is I will TRY MY BEST to ignore it and try to play with my son & watch his fave show > Time For School.

I will take time and smell his head. I always find solace in smelling my son's head. Like somewhere in there is a prozac factory or something. It pacifies me and I will do that today because I need it.

I will take my exam on mid of March. And I dread the days to come that I have to spent away from him.  Ugh! Separation Anxiety much =(

Sacrifices are needed for me to be British. Hope its worth it tho.

2 thoughts on “Potty Training, British Citizenship & all those exams

  1. wring

    everything will be OK. you’ve been in the UK long enough and duh, you have a son. you should try to read up on other people’s experiences in going through their immigration process. helped me a lot with mine 🙂


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