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Word of the Week – 28 Feb 2014

I am thinking really of what my word of the week is.

It was busy I know and frustrating money wise as always.  So many things going on inside and outside me. This shows, my stress. I cant hide it sometimes. I would have gone berserk already if not for my son. He has asked me every time I am sad if I am sad. I am surprise because I don't cry in front of him. I would like to think that I can hide my sadness to him, that I am hiding my sadness. But he knows and he would ask.  Then if I say yes he would hug me and tell me that everything will be okay. He is 3.

In my country we have this word

It means comforting or consolation. That it what my son is doing, comforting me when I needed it the most. It is uncalled for because he is young and he is suppose to be free from emotions that's this serious and yet he can feel my pain and he empathize and he is comforting me.

I am embarrass to be sad in front of him because I don't want him to be sad as well. I have to be vigilant of my emotions in front of him because I don't want to drag him down but I am so happy that he pays attention to how I feel other people feel.

I am the one who is suppose to be comforting him. The reversal of position in my family came in too early =P

So proud of my toddler.

ps. the drawing is by him. that is us walking together according to him =)


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Its going to be Pancakes Day ain't it? I can see the ingredients being displayed in supermarkets.  I LOVE IT! The attention that people are giving pancakes. Cuz pancakes' dear to me. Its full of happy burpy memories.

I really love cooking pancakes for my cousin in my home country Manila. There are these ready mix ones where you just add egg and fry. And then add sugar, mantekilya (margarine) and evap milk.

I have lots of minions small cousins and they stay at our house and I feed them hotcakes/pancakes! Sometimes we go outside and buy from friendly karinderia (a local street food store) and you eat the thin pancakes while watching other kids play cuz its dining al fresco (kalsada, mwahaha) or go to McDo in the mornings and drown your pancakes in their endless supply of maple syrup!!!! YUMMEH!
Manila 013
My cousins with my husband /\

And I miss them dearly. They keep me sane and company when I am sad in Manila. Being with them keeps me young. Their energy is infectious. Now that I am here alone I take comfort in remembering their toyo (quirks) while enjoying my pancakes.

That's prolly why I am gaining weight =P

And here is the pancake that I made earlier. So yummy believe me! Sinful even! Sweet, salty and spicy in one meal!!! Like fireworks in your mouth!
I just added fried chorizo (plus its glorious oil) on top of ready made pancakes and added butter and maple syrup and OMG ITS SO GOOD!

Of course I still do the nakasanayan na (my usual) conconction of sugar, butter and evaporated milk!
I still eat this in the morning, use evap in spite of the maple syrup in the fridge just because!

And because my cousins are all far from me *sadness* and are all grown up (so they probably wont ask me cook them pancakes anymore *double sadness*) now, I have recruited a new member in my pancakes eating club! My toddler son!
bean eating pancakes
We are going to make new traditions out of it and are going to make memories that I will remember in the future when my toddler will be a grown-up too *sniff.sniff* and wont probably ask for me to prepare him pancakes anymore because he will prepare it for me. Yey!



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September 14 – my #FirstDay

I was born at home in the exact same place where my family still lives. I am the first born so my mother is a novice of course in giving birth but a midwife who is also a relative of her is there to helped her and me too. It was a story that I often heard my mother would tell me when I am somewhat down and out. Inspiring. I wasn't breathing when I was born. I have blood all over my body of course. They all panicked everyone who is waiting for me to do that CRY but i didnt do it. The midwife then did CPR on me. They found out that I have blood inside my nose. She cleaned my nose and then I did the CRY and everyone is happy. Without the midwife of course I will not be here to tell this. A lot of mothers in my country rely to them as doctors and hospitals are uber expensive in my country. A toast to the midwives!!

This blog entry is in support to the Save The Children #FirstDay Campaign through ThinlySpread Blog. Head over to her blog to know more details about the campaign.

Thankful Thursday

Often my blog post is about how my life is hard (it is) and how my son throw tantrums.

Today is an okay day surprisingly and it is sunny and I am in schedule.

I would like to grab some free time to write about the things that I am thankful for.

My toddler> he is really good lately. Very very cooperative and is championing his potty training! No accidents yet =)
He is coughing at night but he is handling it well too drinking water if the cough is too much to bear. Before he is like a lot to handle but now he is a joy to be with =)
Love him to bits on any occasion.

Manila 066
Husband. He is sick today. Coughing hard too as hard as my LO. But he went to work and he went to work last night to deliver pizza (second job) just to make ends meet. I wish I can give him a rosette for being the BEST DADDY EVER!

Life is crasy for me but these 2 people are making me bit sane and i am THANKFUL for the both of them =)

Fireworks Again!

I am very very busy with the whole sorting of requirements for applying for my citizenship. Got a bit depress when I found out that I wont be able to apply anyways cuz my school credentials will can not be accepted and I have to study the language part and take an exam for me to be able to apply.  So depress all over and I took comfort in eating food non stop. Bloated, feeling fat and depress doesn't really inspire you to go out and take photos.

This week the weather is more forgiving and I am healing.

Part of my stress busting agenda is taking pictures.  My topic this week is Fireworks.  We know that there will be fireworks display and yet we are still late in going to the venue. We are literally seeing it while walking, running to see it properly on the beach near my house.

Here we are walking with the other families! This is how far we are from the beach.

Almost there!



I chose the last, major firework. It is simply awesome. The lights are so bright that it feels like day in this gloomy Saturday night.


It went to high in the sky.


Then it rained on us.


Toddler loves it so much!