Fireworks Again!

I am very very busy with the whole sorting of requirements for applying for my citizenship. Got a bit depress when I found out that I wont be able to apply anyways cuz my school credentials will can not be accepted and I have to study the language part and take an exam for me to be able to apply.  So depress all over and I took comfort in eating food non stop. Bloated, feeling fat and depress doesn't really inspire you to go out and take photos.

This week the weather is more forgiving and I am healing.

Part of my stress busting agenda is taking pictures.  My topic this week is Fireworks.  We know that there will be fireworks display and yet we are still late in going to the venue. We are literally seeing it while walking, running to see it properly on the beach near my house.

Here we are walking with the other families! This is how far we are from the beach.

Almost there!



I chose the last, major firework. It is simply awesome. The lights are so bright that it feels like day in this gloomy Saturday night.


It went to high in the sky.


Then it rained on us.


Toddler loves it so much!


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