September 14 – my #FirstDay

I was born at home in the exact same place where my family still lives. I am the first born so my mother is a novice of course in giving birth but a midwife who is also a relative of her is there to helped her and me too. It was a story that I often heard my mother would tell me when I am somewhat down and out. Inspiring. I wasn't breathing when I was born. I have blood all over my body of course. They all panicked everyone who is waiting for me to do that CRY but i didnt do it. The midwife then did CPR on me. They found out that I have blood inside my nose. She cleaned my nose and then I did the CRY and everyone is happy. Without the midwife of course I will not be here to tell this. A lot of mothers in my country rely to them as doctors and hospitals are uber expensive in my country. A toast to the midwives!!

This blog entry is in support to the Save The Children #FirstDay Campaign through ThinlySpread Blog. Head over to her blog to know more details about the campaign.

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