Thankful Thursday

Often my blog post is about how my life is hard (it is) and how my son throw tantrums.

Today is an okay day surprisingly and it is sunny and I am in schedule.

I would like to grab some free time to write about the things that I am thankful for.

My toddler> he is really good lately. Very very cooperative and is championing his potty training! No accidents yet =)
He is coughing at night but he is handling it well too drinking water if the cough is too much to bear. Before he is like a lot to handle but now he is a joy to be with =)
Love him to bits on any occasion.

Manila 066
Husband. He is sick today. Coughing hard too as hard as my LO. But he went to work and he went to work last night to deliver pizza (second job) just to make ends meet. I wish I can give him a rosette for being the BEST DADDY EVER!

Life is crasy for me but these 2 people are making me bit sane and i am THANKFUL for the both of them =)

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