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Wot So Funee?

His snot fell on the floor>
Me: poor baby you have runny nose.
Him: Its not mummy its water coming from my nose.

He burped before going to sleep>
Him: My mouth farted!

He came to me while massaging his tummy>
Him: mummy feel my tummy.
Me: does it hurt?
Him: no it is hungry it needs m&m's

While pointing at parking sign (he is obsessed with traffic signs)>
Him: Look Mummy F**king sign!

After a wee>
Him: My thingy is [now] empty!

few conversations with my pre-schooler =P

Wot So Funee?

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Last Days of March

Can you believe that today is the last day of March?

Earlier Mothers Day to most, husband went to work and son and I were stuck in the house except for 1 needed Tesco trip.
Surprisingly, my son just played by himself accompanied by his imaginary friends and toys.

When husband went home he said we should just drive around and we went to this park near here so that I can take photos just for my stock. That is his Mothers Day gift to me!  So while they are prancing around I am prodding on plants and flowers and squirrels trying to capture a wee bit decent photo, husband and son is of course bugging me by waving or doing funny faces and so how could I resist taking photos of them too.

When I can no longer resist the lure of their laughter I joined in and played as well. Awww..why do they only have 2 seats in the seesaw??? WHY?


One of our best days ever! Nothing fancy but we had the best time ever!
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Grumpy Little Baby


This picture is my son while still inside my tummy. 3D scan. This is mostly just superficial actually. The important scans are done before this one and I just.. I am just so big (tummy and body) and yet the feeling that everything is not real is still there.

I went to get this too for the hubby. He is in the UK when I am pregnant and he of course wants to see him (our son) as well. An OB-Gyne will be the one who does stuff like this.

There are lots of people who are doing this and I have to wait. I have to admit that it feels lonely because my husband is not at my side when I attend tests. Even the scarier ones where it involves a lot of needles.. I am alone.

When I went in, first time I saw his face (and his thingy) in the big monitor I cried. After all this time of thinking I am alone I realized I am not as I have company inside me. Moving, alive, real baby.

He is there sleeping and getting mad of the OB-Gyne cuz she is tapping my tummy for him to move his hand that's covering his face (that liquid like cover on his face is his hands). Imagine! He is really there! Like real! Hands and all.

Im so happy afterwards that I am literally prancing in spite of the weight of my tummy. I want to stop all the people in the mall (where the 3d clinic is located) and show them my little boy, real inside me. The whole time after this I have this grin plasted on my face.

I showed the scan to my mother and she is most amaze of technology. She is so proud of his apo (grandchild) that I think she showed this scan to just about anyone in our street =P

That's the story behind this scan photo. First photo of my son ever!
I will of course show this to my little boy so that he knows what he looks like (grumpy) while inside me swimming on liquids and not caring an ounce in the world =)

(Belated) Happy Mothers Day to me!


PS I made this

When the weather started to clear up me and son started going out for walks more. He would gush on how awesome and colorful flowers are. He is always fascinated with them. The streets have lots of them and one time after I picked him up from school he was wont stop talking about are houses to insects.

Houses for butterfly? I asked just to make him talk about it more. But he didn't talk he got himself a paper and started drawing.

He then told me that under the flowers are houses where butterfly lives. And there are traffic lights and signs and roads which the butterfly uses. And when there is rain they hide inside the houses. The big house is for Mummy Butterfly and the small house is for baby butterfly.

I am amaze on how nature can be trigger his imagination. I of course am very happy because he can already weave stories in his head. He is not into so much color yet and he just loves the contrast color of black and white.  So i just followed Emma tip to use supplies in the house and I have pen and paper in the ready always so that when the itch to draw hits him I have the materials ready for him to use.

Here he is proud of his work

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots100 challenge. If I am chosen I would like to visit the Longleat Forest Village.

Twice as Nice

In my country, we celebrate mother's day every May. In here you celebrate it March 30 this year. As this would have made my mother a wee bit confuse this for me is an opportunity to appreciate her patience and strength twice.

My mother is like any mother of course caring, gentle and fierce when she needs to. There are lots of things that I would have wanted her to do differently like not staying with my father or not be as generous. And think of herself more. But that is what she is and what she is makes her the best.

She made many sacrifices of course. She gave me thesis money that she could have use for her eyes check. She would walk far just to save money on fare. Before when water is hard to get in my country. She would wake up 4am and use a manual hand pump just so we can have water to use the whole day. She did this every day till water supply was available. Years. it took years before we got a decent water supply.

I can name a thousand more sacrifices that she made but I think the most painful sacrifice that she did was to let me and my son go. Go here in the UK when the only thing that she wants in the world is to see my son grow up near her. So that she can shower him with hugs and kisses and love.

She let us go of course because my son needs to be here to live.

Painful that we are far but glad that he (my son) is alive.

My mother's eyesight is going bad. A lot of times she would fall because she can't see the floor, pavement shes walking on. When I was still there I would always walk with her to the market and hold her tight because I know she cant see well. When we are using skype she can only see us if her face is touching the screen of her netbook. Everytime I blog about my son and she is checking the pictures, my sister said she would mistook me for my husband and my husband for me. She can't see properly.

She got some money from her social security system that she can use for her eyes or to get our house that was damaged by the last storms fixed. And yet she is saving the money for me. Because she knows that I have nothing here and when there's an emergency and I need to go back home I can use that money.

She said she is old and she can live with the darkness. It is us the young who needs to use the money.

And what i really wanted was to buy her a big screen to connect to her netbook so that she can see my son better. But i really have no money here. Nothing to send her.

And that breaks my heart. And I am trying to join competitions so that i can buy her that monitor.

But winning is elusive nowadays like money or luck.

I cant be home, nor buy her things but I am.. I can and I will always be thinking of her. And miss her and wish that I can hug her. Cuz I want to and I need to.

Happy Mother's Day Nanay. I will greet you again on May because you deserve more than a day to be appreciated.