6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 19 March 2014

  1. Anonymous

    wordless wednesday

    I think I’m doing this right – not sure I understand your comment system lol! That is such a cute picture, don’t let them invite the rain back though!!

  2. Anonymous

    This is such a great time to see huge leaps with development, especially with speech, it’s such a wonderful thing to be a mother and be able to witness a child grow.

  3. Anonymous

    Wordless Wednesday

    What a cute kid! 🙂

    «Louis» thanks you for linking with his Wordless Wednesday.

  4. Anonymous

    Wordless Wednesday

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and wishing the happy birthday wishes. This is such a cute photo sitting on the sofa with the umbrella!
    Julie at Lifestyle

  5. Anonymous


    My kids have their own kids now, but this reminds me that they’re so much into their own world – often in a very funny way, like this child!


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