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Yesterday I had this bad day because Amazon werent able to deliver my order. I am not expecting expecting the item but what bothers me is that intheir website it said delivered.

My order is a filter to my husband's camera which will help me get awesome macro photos.

I wish that its not lost as I dont really have money to buy another one. It is a dream purchase since i read about how it helps from Love All Blogs Better Photo Project: Cheap and Cheerful Extras. I am trying to improve in photography. My dream is to take photos one day without using the automatic or preset setting.

I am really stressed and I werent really able to do anything as I am waiting for the parcel and I dont want to miss the delivery person.

So where is the reason to be thankful nor cheerful?

I am really thankful that I have won the amazon credits so that I can buy things that I want but dont have any money to get.

I have to confess that I am really down but I am trying to look at the bright side that it is better to worry about it not being delivered than to worry where to get the money to get them filter lens.

I am wishing of course that Amazon can sort this out as like what I have said I dont really have extra resources to buy it outside of Amazon and if I lose that lens then it means I wasted my one and only chance to get some things. I am still thinking about it. Where it is and what happened and well… I am wishing that tomorrow it will be found and I can have it.

And if they will find my parcel and give it to me thats another reason to be cheerful then =)

Reasons to be Cheerful
Adventures of A Monkeyfooted Mummy

Bristol Aquarium

My husband wanted me to have an awesome entry for this week's HDYGG so he brought me & my son to Bristol Botanical Garden but its close when we got there. So we just then went to Bristol Aquarium as we reckon son is old enough to get re-acquianted with the fisheries there =)

I then found out that they have awesome plants and flowers there too! Whats nice is that a lot of these plants are the ones that I know. Im so happy! Like I am home and yet not =P

The second photo is one of my fave plant, Bougainvillea. My favorite! We have this at home in different colors. The colorful leaves are well leaves and the middle part is the real flower. Different colors of leaves! Awesome right? I also love that this plant has torns. It is a great plant to your hedge as its also protects. Stray animals (rats) and thieves are kept out. They dont have any other color in the Aquarium but this will do. I have this urge to get some and try to grow it on here at home but I dont want to kill their plants =P










The last photo is Taro plants locally called gabi. It is a root crop and it tastes so awesome. The root is a bit like sweet potato but white. You boil it and add coconut shavings and sugar and its so yummy! We also use the leaves and cook it. A spicy dish called laing is my fave. The leaves of this grows big and on a rainy day we used this as an umbrella cuz they are waterproof too!

I am so excited to what were going to find in the Botanical Garden if these are available in an Aquarium!!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Chalk Road




When the weather warmed up a bit and more bearable, my son Sebastian started hanging out on our small terrace. Whats nice is that I can be inside the house ironing or doing some blogging and I can still see him on my peripheral vsiion.

The rain in the past days erased tha drawings that made on the terrace floor and he said he want to draw again. He just drew some roads and signs for him to use while he is driving his bike.

While I am writing this I can hear the rain splatering outside again which means tomorrow if its sunny or just warm enough my son had a new canvass for another mini-creations.


Mini Creations

Whats The Story


Last Saturday we head off early to Bristol. My husband is planning on taking us to University of Bristol Botanical Garden. He is aware of my current obsession in photographing plants and flowers I reckon so he thought of making me happy by bringing me there. He is also probably wants some reconciliation. Bribery if you want to call it.

The trip was really horrible. We get lost a lot of times. When we are near there it rained so hard we have to stop in one corner and wait till we can see better again while driving. We reach the garden according to out gps thingy apps only to find out that thats the back door.

We went at front and its closed.

Needless to say its a bad day. We should've seen these signs and used it to not go ahead with the plan and we still went ahead. I know that my husband is so sad about it cuz hes got grand plans. We really shouldve stopped when bad things starts to happen.

Which makes me think of signs. Not the ones that my son is obsessed with (traffic signs) but the one thats everywhere us that we feel. I am currently… I am in a place where I could use the signs thats around me. Now if I can only see what they mean. Are they telling me to stop or go on? To fight or to give up? Are challenges there to tell us to stop and rest or is it there for us to really appreciate the prize when we get to the finish line? I really just wish that life is easier to understand. Thats signs are clearer and straight forward. Not all mysterious and hard.

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The advantage of living few meters away from the high street is that when the weather is brutal you can always hide and make the store your playground. This is my son's playground the children's book section of waterstones because they dont tell you off from playing there and they have free wi-fi (only recently). This aquarium is my son's fave feature of course. Who can resist the swimming fishies and that pineapple under the sea figurine in it.

I havent really notice until I saw this photo of how tall he is now and how bigger he got through the years. I remember the first days we go here, his forehead can only touch the edge of the frame of the aquarium. Now he can touch the middle part! My toddler is now a little big boy!

I dont have those wall height measure thingies but this is how I measure him through the places where we frequently visit and where we made a lot of childhood memories since he is small.

here he is before:


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