Traffic Signs

Sebastian my son is so into traffic signs. Even before he started pre-school he is already obsessed of them. My theory is that he loves the joyrides that we usually do at nights when his Dad is not doing his second job. On the road he would always ask what the signs are. And from there he learned to love the signs that reminds him of our happy driving time. He so loves them signs that he started signing them with his hands.


And then he started drawing them and seeing them on things that I can't see unless he would explain what signs it is that he is seeing on random things.
Can you spot the NO ENTRY sign from the price tag of M&S dresses? Or the lamp post with signs on them?

In the library instead of the children's corner you will find us in the motoring section. He is browsing on those getting your driving license reviewer. The first time that we borrowed a signs book he wont stop hugging it! And he wont stop asking me to read him that book. If I am doing chores and cant read him the traffic signs book story, he would read it by himself.

I am so proud of how he would give time and dig deep and research on the things that he love. I am in awe of how much effort he gives on this hobby of his. Of course he will have another hobby but I know that he will be as passionate if not more because that is how he is a passionate kid =) and this is the reason why I am cheerful this week.

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13 thoughts on “Traffic Signs

  1. Anonymous

    What a lovely, bright little thing! Thank you for joining with reasons to be cheerful, this definitely made me smile. Ojos World x

  2. Anonymous


    This so reminds me of my 3yo! He is obsessed with numbers, and will make them with his fingers, draw them on everything, spot them everywhere (points at our corner bath: look mummy, a 6!) and he is happiest when I bring home a multiplication square.

  3. Anonymous

    Love this Merlinda! It’s wonderful to see him so engaged by something, love all the hand signals 🙂 #loudnproud
    Sara (@mumturnedmom)

  4. Anonymous

    What a funny little bunny! They do get obsessed with the most ordinary of things sometimes don’t they? He will be ready to pass his driving test (theory at least) by the age of 5 at this rate!!

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for linking to #ThePrompt Merlinda x You definitely should be proud of your son, no space for modesty 🙂
    Sara (@mumturnedmom)

  6. Anonymous

    Oh, that is so cute. I love how they just focus on the most random things, though obviously it is not random for them. #theprompt
    Californian mum in London

  7. Anonymous

    thats amamzing how he sees traffic signs in the everyday items – what a smart boy you have and i love that he has such a passion for this hobby x


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