On The Verge

I was feeling restless. I am just walking around the house and I feel overwhelmed with the mess. I also want to cry but I don't have a reason to. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Why? DO you even need a reason for that?

I took my bag, camera and a book. I am not going to let me get me. I went out earlier than usual. An hour or so before my school run. Enough time for me to cool down before I show my face to my son.

I took photos of everything and anything. Empty spaces I realized are so calming and peaceful. Walked to my son's school afterwards. I sat on a bench and took my book. I can hear children playing in the background. One of those tiny high voices is probably my son.

I am already feeling sane by the time I went to pick my son up. Laughing even at his stories of what had happen in pre-school that day (he used a wet slide and his bum got wet among other things).

I feel better now while typing this. Calmer. No longer on the verge. It is probably nothing, PMS or something but I am glad that I went out when things got too much. Photography is one great way to ease your nerves and calm your senses when things are too much to handle.

Photos that I took.





Now I can tackle that dried play-doh on my carpet. And I can say bring it on.

Love All Blogs Better Photos Project

Weekly Top Shot #129


7 thoughts on “On The Verge

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful photos

    I think just doing normal things without children grounds you againto keep on going. love these images they are brilliant. xxx

  2. Anonymous

    Such lovely photos, you are really taking great ones lately 🙂 A bit of fresh air and peace really makes everything feel a lot better doesn’t it? Thank you for joining in x

  3. Anonymous

    Very atmospheric photos… My favourite is number two.
    Thank you for your great comment on my daughter’s design, she replied today. 🙂 xx


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