We went to Brean Down. It is a bit high for us to let him walk so he needs to stay on Daddy's shoulders. While we were at the Fort there he hurt his fingers and it made him moody. He requested to be carried by me. Can I confess that it is a steep climb and a long walk and carrying him will make things harder but I did it nonetheless cuz I love it when he is burrying his head against my shoulder. I always feel that I am not a good at this mothering process but when he comes to me when in pain and I can make him feel better, that my shoulders can give him comfort, somewhere somehow I feel that I am doing something right. That maybe I am not that bad of a mother after all. And ordinary moments like this becomes a magical one.


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16 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Anonymous

    These are beautiful words, and judging by the photos you look like you are doing an amazing job. Looks like it was a lovely day. x

  2. Anonymous

    A lovely day

    Lovely post – it looks like a wonderful day of special moments. (From Kiran at Mummy Says) x

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful photos! Please don’t feel like you’re a bad mother, because everything I read from you suggests the complete opposite!
    (My daughter was struggling with walking down Snowdon after walking about seven miles, so my husband carried her on his shoulders for over a mile down the mountain – I have no idea how he did it, but it was the same thing – his love for her kept him going.)

  4. Anonymous


    Any parent who gets their kids out in the wild wild fresh air and loves doing it is doing a GREAT job. Happy Easter

  5. Anonymous

    Beautiful Moment, getting kids out in the resh open air is Hard, so any parent who does this is doing something good 🙂 #MagicMoment

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like a beautiful place! It sounds to me like you’re a great mother because you understand his pain and he is so comforted by you.

  7. Anonymous

    Magic Moments

    Oh that sounds like a lovely little magic moment – I love those snuggles with them, especially as they get older and they want them far less.

  8. Anonymous


    What a lovely photo and moment! I love it when they bury their little heads into the crook of your neck for snuggles x


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