My Mother’s Eyes

If you have notice that my layout is ever so simple. Pictures are just stack together. I would sometimes use collage but i made sure that my son's photo is at the middle, big & glaring even. Also in here at How Does Your Garden Grow. I would post massive amount of pictures and would just stack them. I am wishing that the other visitors wont mind.

The reason for this is my mother. She is my main reader lately. She doesnt know how to use my sister's netbook but she does know (me thinks) how to scroll up and down. I want my layout to be super friendly for her as she's got poor eyesight. Sadly poor is an understatement (there goes my tears). This blog no matter how much it is about her, she wont read the words. She cant read the words. She will only look at the photos. She cant see it words this small anymore. When we would skype with her, her face is so near the netbook that me and my son feels that we are talking to her forehead.

Macro shots are a blessing to her as its makes her see the details of the flower wee bit better. I am working hard on being better on that even if I know that I am old now and you cant teach old dogs new trick but myabe this dog can still learn a thing or 2.

I am trying my best to connect. Even if I dont have any comment from her I know that she enjoys my blog because I blog about her most fave thing in the whole wide world: my son and flowers.

I have this dream of buying her a decent laptop with a massive monitor. I cant of course buy her one as we are struggling in here. But it is a dream.

Saying that I am now posting photos of flowers and plants that I took at a park near here. Everytime I take photos she is always in my head. This is for her more than me. I can't give her laptops, money and great house but I can give her photos of blooms that we use to dream of having, planting when I am still at home as a kid. The pictures that I am taking are not the most pretty but these are the pictures of the flowers that we use to dream about. Vivid red and yellows, deep violets, beds of whites, touch of maroon and fields of green.  My gift to my mother's eyes… burst of colors.




Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

22 thoughts on “My Mother’s Eyes

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful pictures. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mother’s poor lovely that you’re sharing so many pictures for her to see what you’ve all been up to though 🙂 x

  2. Anonymous

    I am loving the bug hotel there! I’m sure your readers don’t mind big photos. I sometimes wonder if mine are too small and whether I should go bigger too x

  3. Anonymous

    Your pics are lovely, Merlinda 🙂 I’m sure you bring so much happiness to your mum by being the kind of thoughtful daughter you are…really, what better can we ask of our children! Everytime I come onto your blog, I’m faced with honesty and an integrity that goes to show how beautifully you’ve been raised. I always leave with a smile! I love your pic of your son and the bluebells,I have a special place in my heart for bluebells…xxx

  4. Anonymous


    Your photos are just beautiful with all the great colors and shapes! It’s good to keep your mother in mind when you are blogging. I know she appreciates it.

  5. Anonymous

    Scottish Mum Blog

    These are lovely flowers with gorgeous colours. I’m sure she will love to see them.

  6. Anonymous


    what beautiful flowers,nice bold colours, great close ups for your mum, I hope they made her smile.

  7. Anonymous


    Such a beautiful post! They really are lovely flowers and I hope that your mum like them 🙂 x #HDYGG

  8. Anonymous

    trust me when i tell you that i know what it is like to live so far away from family. i think it is so sweet that you have this place for you and her to bring you closer. lovely pics. xx

  9. Anonymous

    What a wonderful daughter you are. This is a beautiful dedication. I don’t know much about blogging, but I have been wanting to find the best way to have HUGE pictures with little or no side bars. I’m not sure this is possible in blogger, but might be worth researching more so that you can get your photos as big as you can for her.

  10. Anonymous

    What a lovely thought that you are publishing for your mother’s eyes. Your photos are beautiful, I love the blossom ones particularly.

  11. Anonymous

    You are such a thoughtful daughter, so sorry to read of your mothers poor eyesight – but if she could read your words she’d be brimming with pride and joy. I love your photos – they are getting better and better every week – that bug hotel looks especially cool!

    I’m not familiar with livejournal but if you ever fancy moving your blog to WordPress I’d be happy to help you to get your blog set up so that the images are bigger and easier for your mum to see – just you say the word x

    And thank you for joining in again!

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      OMG! Ive been contemplating on changing platforms I just dont know how to do it or when to start! Give me time to read and research everything and I will change! Thanks this is so awesome!

  12. Anonymous

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