I am over the moon when I saw the @Tots100 rankings. I didnt even made it to 500 but I am ever so happy with my rank. I am working hard to get to 500 actually but I really dont know how to work it. So please feel free to give me some tips and advice.

I am 551 this month from 729 so its not that bad. This is the result of commenting on Linkys.

I have been commenting on alot of other blogs that i feel that I am scattered all over the internet globe. Like pieces of me are out there. That if you want to get to know me its going to be hard cuz I am everywhere =P

Again it might be lower next month as I got busy and got to comment less this month. But I am thankful that got where I am now.

*pats self*


Ojos World

Adventures Of A Monkeyfooted Mummy

6 thoughts on “Rankings

  1. Anonymous

    when you first start out it will be like this but soon with time and content it will rise you have a lovely blog well done

  2. Anonymous

    ojosworld #R2BC

    That is a fantastic reason to smile! Well done. Keep doing what you are doing,.its obviously working x Ojo x

  3. Anonymous

    Hannah Cupcake Mumma

    Fab news, I’ve been watching myself climb and fall it’s something you can’t actually work out tbh it depends on so many things, your social media presence, klout scores, link through a from other sites and blogs and your own blog of course. It’s confusing! X,

  4. Anonymous


    My tip is to not worry about ranking at all.
    Be honest, be nice and they will go up naturally if they are meant to do so.
    Most long-standing bloggers can give warning about how it is all too easy to obsess about rankings rather than quality engagement and what your blog offers to your readers

  5. Anonymous


    Its not very transparent! keep on doing what you are doing and post interesting things and be part of the whole social media community


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