Word Of The Week

I am happy to say that since Tuesday I started doing some volunteer works and it is the nicest feeling I had in years. It is short mind you and I am not yet doing anything great but I am feeling that I am doing something great.

The ride to and from work is by the train and theres something so surreal in riding the train and going to work. There is something awesome in getting there on time just so I can go and get my son from school. It also made me more proud in the school run even if no one knows what i am up to among the other parents. Something is just … I am just proud that I feel like I am doing something in addition to me being a mother.

This week I dont feel worthless anymore. I have a value at least for myself and I feel good about it. Which is my word of the week. Worthless NO MORE.


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11 thoughts on “Word Of The Week

  1. Anonymous

    That’s so great Merlinda! It is nice to have more than one role and feel valued outside of the home too – I’m glad you have been able to find a volunteer role to allow you to get out there! X #wotw

  2. Anonymous

    How fantastic Merlinda, I’m so pleased for you. You are not worthless at all, ever. But I totally understand your need to be doing something else as well as being a mum xx Iona@Redpeffer

  3. Anonymous


    I’m pleased you don’t feel worthless!! What a great way to spend your time, it must be very rewarding x

  4. Anonymous

    You are NOT worthless! However, I can totally understand the need to find a roll for yourself outside of the home. You are doing amazingly well x #wotw

  5. Anonymous

    You are not worthless, but I can understand the need to do something just for yourself. Well done, I’m so pleased for you x #WotW
    Sara (@mumturnedmom)

  6. Anonymous

    You are not worthless at all, but am so pleased that you feel so much happier and better about yourself now. Fabulous to read x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


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