Ordinarily Magical


The advantage of living few meters away from the high street is that when the weather is brutal you can always hide and make the store your playground. This is my son's playground the children's book section of waterstones because they dont tell you off from playing there and they have free wi-fi (only recently). This aquarium is my son's fave feature of course. Who can resist the swimming fishies and that pineapple under the sea figurine in it.

I havent really notice until I saw this photo of how tall he is now and how bigger he got through the years. I remember the first days we go here, his forehead can only touch the edge of the frame of the aquarium. Now he can touch the middle part! My toddler is now a little big boy!

I dont have those wall height measure thingies but this is how I measure him through the places where we frequently visit and where we made a lot of childhood memories since he is small.

here he is before:


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17 thoughts on “Ordinarily Magical

  1. Anonymous

    You really notice them grow when you return to familiar places. I didn’t know about Waterstones and the wi fi, handy! #MagicMoments

  2. Anonymous

    Aww I love this – he does look tall! I do this too but with our radiator in our front room. It sits just under our front window and he can almost see out on his tiptoes – I was just thinking the other day how tall he has gotten 🙂

    Notmyyearoff.com x

  3. Anonymous

    They grow up fast! I measure them on the wall by our bedroom door, it’ll be hard to let go of the measurements when we move to a different house.

  4. Anonymous

    From: Mummy Tries

    How great that your son can wander freely and explore, and you get free wifi! Got to love Waterstones #MagicMoments

  5. Anonymous


    I love taking my boy to Waterstones too, think there is always something magical about book shops, and want to instill a love of real books – not Kindle, on my boy.


  6. Anonymous

    We love waterstones, ours doesnt have an aquarium though. It scares me how quickly they grow #MagicMoments

  7. Anonymous

    How fantastic that you managed to capture him in action when he was still so small! I know what you mean about using familiar objects to measure their height. We used to measure Austin by whether or not he could stand upright under the dining table…now he can barely fit under it, even if he’s crouched!

  8. Anonymous

    I know its bad but I always steer away from bookshops and libraries with my two (even though I love books and would love them to as well) because they are boisterous and I worry that they would damage something and get us kicked out! Nice for Sebastian to have a nice bookshop to visit though. X #ordinarymoments

  9. Anonymous

    That’s lovely! It is incredible how fast they grow and amazing how we forget or don’t notice. Photos are a great way of reminding us.
    We used to live close to the town centre when my boys were little and we made the shops our playground too!

  10. Anonymous

    awww in the grand scheme of things its certainly a fun playground 😉

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  11. Anonymous

    WOW he really has grown! It’s funny that we don’t notice these things because we see them everyday. Love the look of your local book shop.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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