Bristol Aquarium

My husband wanted me to have an awesome entry for this week's HDYGG so he brought me & my son to Bristol Botanical Garden but its close when we got there. So we just then went to Bristol Aquarium as we reckon son is old enough to get re-acquianted with the fisheries there =)

I then found out that they have awesome plants and flowers there too! Whats nice is that a lot of these plants are the ones that I know. Im so happy! Like I am home and yet not =P

The second photo is one of my fave plant, Bougainvillea. My favorite! We have this at home in different colors. The colorful leaves are well leaves and the middle part is the real flower. Different colors of leaves! Awesome right? I also love that this plant has torns. It is a great plant to your hedge as its also protects. Stray animals (rats) and thieves are kept out. They dont have any other color in the Aquarium but this will do. I have this urge to get some and try to grow it on here at home but I dont want to kill their plants =P










The last photo is Taro plants locally called gabi. It is a root crop and it tastes so awesome. The root is a bit like sweet potato but white. You boil it and add coconut shavings and sugar and its so yummy! We also use the leaves and cook it. A spicy dish called laing is my fave. The leaves of this grows big and on a rainy day we used this as an umbrella cuz they are waterproof too!

I am so excited to what were going to find in the Botanical Garden if these are available in an Aquarium!!

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13 thoughts on “Bristol Aquarium

  1. Anonymous

    Such lovely blooms – it’s great when you go somewhere not really expecting flowers only to be met with loads of them isn’t it? The crematorium where we went to for a funeral this week had a beautiful garden that you could see from indoors and the sight of the pink tulips on a grey day really made me smile x

    Thanks for joining in again!

  2. Anonymous

    i love how your husband has become so excited about this link up that it has inspired him to take the family to new places!!! it is so good! and i think you would be very happy and at home here in miami because we have all those plants/flowers here.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh wow what an awesome collection of photographs! It must have been amazing to find all these blooms, I love it when that happens. What a great selection too, love the orchids especially 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Merlinda, those photographs are gorgeous! 🙂 Bougainvillea takes me back to my school days, our school yard was filled with them! Loved your post, it just sets the tone for good weather and better spirits all around 🙂 x


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