Chalk Road




When the weather warmed up a bit and more bearable, my son Sebastian started hanging out on our small terrace. Whats nice is that I can be inside the house ironing or doing some blogging and I can still see him on my peripheral vsiion.

The rain in the past days erased tha drawings that made on the terrace floor and he said he want to draw again. He just drew some roads and signs for him to use while he is driving his bike.

While I am writing this I can hear the rain splatering outside again which means tomorrow if its sunny or just warm enough my son had a new canvass for another mini-creations.


Mini Creations

7 thoughts on “Chalk Road

  1. Anonymous

    chalk is always a great fun! we also let our kids draw on the garage wall and wash off when it rain!#MiniCreations

  2. Anonymous

    Lucas says – Awesome chalk drawings here lil’ dude – keep up the good work.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  3. Anonymous

    Loving life with little ones

    Chalk is good fun and as you say the rain can clean away the mess for another day #minicreations


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