Word of the Week – Slow Down


Its been an intense month for me well with the blogging anyways. I started being active March and I havent stop since. My goal really is just to be a member of tots100 500 group. I dont even know why. Well myabe I wanted to try those reviewing and I know that they will give your a better chance if you ranking is awesome.

Got my rank and its 559! Imagine! Thats like heavenly! But … few hours ago I saw my son and he has got this black spot in his teeth. I was thinking why did that happen when I brush his teeth religiously!!!!

I also saw bushy eyebrow. I need to clean myself up. House is at a state where I will be branded as a hoarder soon and my ironing is piling up. Not to mention the laundy! Scary! =P I looked back and all my time is spent commenting on gazillions of blogs just so I can have traffic back on my blog too.

As I mentioned here too that I am heavily joining those linky! I just joined and joined and joined.

This is the part where I know that I have been spending too much time on this blogging and well I think its time to give up the dream that this might turn into a career. Looking at my past post, my blog is not really PR/family friendly as some of the entries are angst ridden. My photos are mediocre too so who will pay attention to them.

The good side of course is that I met so many interesting people mostly mothers who are rocking the internet world. I dont know how they do it! Balancing a net career with family life is just so hard too hard.

Of course there will be linky that i wont give up on too like this and #HDYGG. Precious. Word of the week makes me contemplate on the week that was and #HDYGG is a therapy for when everything is so heavy and unbearable I just go out with the camera, take photos and things will get wee bit better. Share it with like minded people and get satisfaction seeing their awesome photos too! Who needs a shrink!?

I will also miss those nice post. The one that will make you ponder. Thought provoking.

This is really not working so I have to let it go.

So today I will slow down. Join linky but will not comment as much. Will just see from there.

I have heavy heart of course. Again this is something that I wanted to do to.. make things better at home financially and make my life have more meaning.

I will still continue posting of course but only for my mother to see son's development =)

So is this goodbye? OMG why are there tears?

Loves you guys! Will miss you interesting bunch =)

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16 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Slow Down

  1. Anonymous

    It’s a really hard thing to balance but I find it works best when my posts fit naturally into my everyday. And we all go through these emotions too. It took me over a year to get into the Top500.
    Maybe take break and re-assess before stopping completely. Taking time out is a good way of seeing things more clearly xx

  2. Anonymous


    I don’t think anyone realises how time consuming blogging is. I certainly didn’t when I started. My hubby has even branded himself as a bloggers widower! I sometimes need to slow down too. It is all about having an even balance. I hope you find that and I will look forward to catching up with you on #HDYGG and here on #WotW xx

  3. Anonymous

    Awwww hunnie *Hugs* ive had a few rocky moments when ive thought about giving up blogging, but instead i took a break and to see how i felt afterwards. Ive found blogging can take over your life! if you let it of course. i tend to mine when Layla is having a nap and then on a night. Im too busy during the day, seeing to her, tidying the house and shopping.

    Maybes take a break and see how you feel? x #PoCoLo

  4. Anonymous


    Congratulations on the Tots 100 ranking! I’m sorry to hear that you are having to slow down but I will look forward to your future posts about your son. #BinkyLinky

  5. Anonymous

    I think you are making a wise decision and prioritizing. Spending quality time with loved ones is more important than a number ranking. Blogging is brilliant, but I find that I just can’t do everything all the time and I want to keep blogging pleasurable and not stressful. I love your bushy eye-browed honesty. Take it easier on yourself. Challenge yourself by all means, but it’s surely not worth sacrificing precious time that you need to be elsewhere.

  6. Anonymous

    Blogging is unbelievably time consuming, especially to hit top 500 and so on. Nice to know you’ll still be dropping my WotW & HDYGG, as these are 2 of my favourites each week, too. Take a break, slow down, adn see where that takes you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. Anonymous

    Well done with the Tots score!!
    Blogging can so easily take over your life…Sometimes it’s nice to slow down.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh Merlinda – 559 in the rankings is awesome – I’ve been blogging for 11 months now and I haven’t managed to get higher than 1569!! And I’ve paid good money for a redesign!! I have really struggled to understand how the successful ones find the time though – it seems like a full time job and I already have a job (well, two if you include parenting ha ha!). I have to question over and over, what are these Top 500 bloggers not telling us? What sacrifices are they making? I know at least one (Honest Mum) who admits that this is something she does professionally and I can see that if I literally *was* doing it 9-5 five days a week I could get there and I would probably enjoy it. No one can ever say that this is an easy way to score a quick buck though. Personally I feel like I have got new friends and people in my life who weren’t there before – people who are supportive and engaged. Who knows maybe when Sebastian starts school it will be the right time for you to come back all guns blazing! Glad to hear that you are not giving it up and there is no need for tears because you will enjoy it more now that you’ve decided to slow it down and just do the bits you really of it you really enjoy! X #wotw

  9. Anonymous

    I sooo know where you’re coming from! Blogging was taking over my life at one point, I had to take a step back and ask myself what the point of it all was. Now I have a much more relaxed attitude and only blog when I want to, I no longer care about rankings and pageviews, whereas before I was getting pretty obsessed with it all. Things are much better for me now and I hope they will be for you too x

  10. Anonymous

    its a super community and world out there on the blogger front isnt it! .. glad you found it x

    thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo

  11. Anonymous

    Blogging is so time consuming. I feel guilty for the amount of time I spend writing posts, editing pictures, interacting on social media, sending and replying to emails. It’s never ending, but I really enjoy and am addicted to it. It sounds like you’re making the best decision for you though. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  12. Anonymous

    Andie from Little Bits of Waffle

    Congratulations on your ranking. That is amazing in itself! Why don’t you try just limiting the number of hours that you blog rather than drop it down to a couple of linkys? I think the ‘angst ridden’ posts are very important too. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows so it makes you all the more real 🙂 Andie x

  13. Anonymous

    I hope you don’t say goodbye completely.
    Sometimes we all need a little break and the joy eventually comes back to us. It can get a obsessive and can begin to take over your life but you should just blog for the fun of it, because you want to.
    Remember the angst ridden moments are just as valid as the happy go lucky ones. Everyone has down days xxx

  14. Anonymous

    Loving life with little ones

    Firstly well done for getting a fantastic ranking, it really is a full time job keeping up with everything, I find it hard to comment on lots of posts in the 7 linkys I do so I have to pick and choose. There isn’t time to do it ,write posts and take care of the children. I hope you find a happy medium. x


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