Guilty Pleasure

I grew up seeing people around me make their own clothes. I have a lot of sewer neighbors and cousins who can sew. My Lola (Grandmother) has this awesome antique Singer manual sewing machine that glistens! And I know how to use that as I took the subject in school too in our Home Economics class.

I have some designs that I want to eventually domyself once I find a cheap sewing machine ir a free one from gumtree (I Wish =p)

So my guilty pleasure is
screengrab taken from here.

I love this show! The snobbish guy, the strict lady and the funny host! I always find time to watch them in my bbc iPlayer while I am washing the dishes or ironing.

My heart bleeds for when I want to do some sewing but I cant.

I am so jealous of the contestants as they can follow their dreams of sewing cuz they have the means and the sweing machine to do so. I am forever in love wtih the creativity & technical process is making clothes. It is an art and science.

I am having GBSB withdrawal as I write this! I miss them and I dont want their show to ever stop =P

Linking up to Mumturnedmom for the #ThePrompt


6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. Anonymous

    Ooh yes, wouldn’t it be nice to have the talent and the means to produce some beautiful crafty things – I’d love to make my own bunting and cushion covers etc, but that is probably at the very bottom of my to do list! I hope you get a sewing machine to play with very soon (come on Father Christmas!!) X #theprompt

  2. Anonymous

    Never been much good at sewing myself. Love the idea of it. Hope you find a way to get a sewing machine.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh I do hope you manage to get a sewing machine! This sounds like a wonderful (guilty) pleasure x Have to admit, sewing is not my thing, have never been very good at it šŸ™‚ Give me some paints and a canvas, that would be mine šŸ™‚ Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  4. Anonymous

    Denise (mum on a mission for a better life)

    I wish I knew how to sew! I learnt some very basic bits when I was at primary school but I haven’t done anything since then. I’m afraid that the best I can do is sew on a button! #ThePrompt

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve never seen the show but I always envy crafty people that can sew and knit, i wish I could #Theprompt


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