Macro Filter Thingy

So I bought some macro filter cuz you know the bigger the picture the more awesome!

I am really keen on being a wee bit better in photography and I followed some tips from Bloglovin's Better Photo Project and got me some of this

Polaroid Macro Close up Filtter Kit that fits perfectly with my husband's DSLR cams.

These are a photos I took using the 10x maginification. It is so blurry and I am struggling with it. Maybe my camera is too old. I dont know what wrong but I will work it out. I will try to research on this and ask around! If you know what I am doing wrong please tell me. I just point and shoot actually as I am still dependent on the automatic macro mode. Cant really figure how to get a decent clear photo yet. The last 3 shots are all accident shots. I will try to zoom in a subject and will try to click but it wont take photos. I just click & click and no shot at all =(. So i will try to aim at another subject and click and sometimes it shoots. I am using Nikon D70 btw.



The 4x macro filter is more forgiving to me and my camera tho. But I still have the same problem of aiming and not getting any shots. I reckon its the light or the lack thereof. But I am in love on how big my photos are!





So if you think I am soing something wrong please please tell me. I would appreciate the tips and advice. I really love the filters! I will try and try it until I get to know it. Havent tried the 2x magnification yet. Might try it with the 4x (you can put them together which is awesome right?) and see how it works.

*photos are taken at Garden of Fragrance, Grove Park, Weston-Super-Mare.

Thanks for dopping by.

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7 thoughts on “Macro Filter Thingy

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I think they look great. I’m a big fan of Macro. My advice is to really play around and get to know how the camera responds to the Macro settings. I’m no expert but if you’re pressing the button and no picture is being taken it’s probably because the camera is unable to fix on a spot because it’s too close. But I could be totally wrong!
    Keep going though, I loved looking through them.

  2. Anonymous


    Wow, I think these photos are stunning! It doesn’t loo like you’re doing anything wrong to me šŸ™‚

    Cate @meaddthree

  3. Anonymous

    The pink is gorgeous! I’ve also found it hard to focus with a macro – I think you just have to experiment with focal distance until it makes sense. Have fun!

  4. Anonymous

    Using a dslr camera is quite hard if you don’t know how to work with it… You should know the basics before getting into it… The subject is not clearly focused, remember that subject is the most important thing in a photo. And when it says macro, the subject should be looks like bigger to the extent of you can visibly seen the eyes of a bug… And don’t rely on using macro filter, if you want better photos try to buy macro lens… Just a friendly advice :)… Learn some tips here


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