Play That Funky Music My Boy


He doesnt know how to play the guitar but since we saw this music show at Bristol. He wont stop using the toy guitar and would sing random songs (mostly songs he compose in his head). I remember we have this guitar that my brother-in-law loaned us and since he had fever today I reckon he wont have enough energy to crash it. He loves it and would play non stop. The guitar needs tuning but he doesnt know that =P

He is so cute I am telling you! Singing hiw own songs mixed with some known ones.
Here is the video version

Im so proud of him. The piano lessons given by his Nain hasnt started yet because she is poorly too but I am really excited for it to start as I know music is something he will enjoy doing.

Im so proud, happy, thankful and cheerful for this! I always thought that I would push music for him but he is loving it voluntarily =P



14 thoughts on “Play That Funky Music My Boy

  1. Anonymous

    Your son is adorable. He can play a mean guitar too. Coincidentally, his technique is very similar to mine – playing the neck like that! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    That is SO cute – he looks like a complete little pro. Hope he keeps it up 😀 xx

  3. Anonymous

    Reasons to be Cheerful

    Aw bless, the video wouldn’t play properly on my phone, but the bit that did was so cute!
    x OJO x

  4. Anonymous

    So sweet – my husband is very musical so I’m sure he’ll be teaching Toby as soon as he’s big enough. He already bought him a keyboard for Christmas!


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