Happy Mothers Day

I was looking back at my blog and realized I hadnt had any giving birth entry. And the whole month and the next ones empty cuz who can blog if you have a new baby =P

So lets get the ball rolling.

I have a long distance relationship with the husband. I remember we are chatting 5 my am when I told him that I think I peed but not really pee. Gross but I even showed him my undies. He panicked and told me to go to the doctor immediately.

Me being my stubborn self. I did not and waited for everyone in my household to wake up.

8Am when my sister went with me to the hospital where my OBGyne stays and she said my water broke but I am not yet readu to give birth. Risky. When the water in my baby drained he will die. They induced the baby to come out.

Injected me with things. I havent eaten anything. It was about 12 in the afternoon when the baby movements started. I think that is me going on to labor. The baby inside me went berzerk im telling your. Moving up, down around inside me in a painful way. In my country, no one is allowed inside the labor room, delivery room other than the doctor and nurses and all the while my sister is outside the labor/delivery room so that when someone is needed shes there. I have bugged the nurses a lot cuz I feel like peeing and pooing and they the bed pan is not doingit for me. She said to poo and pee in there and I said no I need to go to the toilet pleeasseeeeee.

Then I remembered being pushed in a bed towards a room. Everyone's movement is precise. And then i felt a shapr slit in me and then nothingess.
He was born and I dont know it. It is my sister who first saw him. I am okay with that. Their relationship I reckon will be special.


I woke up in the middle of the night and my tummy is smaller. I gave birth already? I asked the nurse grogilly and she said yes and they pushed me to my room. My sister is still there.

This is the first time that I saw him.
And he is so small. I cried. Its like all the liquid of my body went to my head and if I will not cry I will die. This is the baby iniside me.

YOu notice how he was born a bit fairer than he is when I am holding him. They put him under some blue lights in the Nursery as he is yellow. He is small too as he is born a month early.

I dont even know why I blog about this this late. My son is going to be four in June and I am just feeling a bit nostalgic.
Time flies fast. It feels like its only yesterday that this happened and now he is so big and he talks and he is now in the living room talking to himself in 2 different voices. I just want to write about this while everything is still vivid.

What I know definitely is that the day he is born was also the day I was born as a mother. And that is my word of the week,

With that Happy Mother's Day to the Moms in the Philippines! (On May 11, 2014)

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15 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Anonymous

    Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for sharing your story

    -Bianca @ Rant Rave Crave

  2. Anonymous

    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood
    I think you will never forget the day your son was born, I know I will not. Beautiful sentiments! #wotw

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, this is a lovely post, Merlinda. And I adore that first photo of him – so gorgeous! You’re right, we are reborn the day we have our first born, too, and it’s a whole new world! Thanks so much for sharing with #WotW

  4. Anonymous

    from we3three

    awww i love birth stories. the feeling that you have just given birth is surreal…amazing and so overwhelming! happy mothers day on sunday šŸ™‚ x

  5. Anonymous

    What a birth story! They are all so different yet the emotions are always so very powerful. Happy mothers day x

  6. Anonymous

    A lovely look back and I’m glad you have captured that time here on your blog, not that we ever forget! Happy Mothers Day

  7. Anonymous

    A belated Happy Mother’s Day! What a wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing. Such great photos too, you’re lucky you have a good selection. I am still to write a birth story, not sure I ever will (still traumatised LOL!). Fabulous post #whatsthestory


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