How Does Your Garden Of Fragrance Grow

So we went here. Around this area we are looking for film canister cuz we are trying geocaching for the first time.

We cant find anything. We searched high and low. I guess we need to really read the whole clue and places where it is. And download those apps. We are going to be ready next time. We gave up after an hour of looking around =P

While they (husband and son) are chillin after a gruelling geocache searching I decided to bring the cams out and take photos of the flowers.
Theres really not a lot of flowers in there yet and the area is a bit messy but there are quite interesting blooms.
I took photos in haste thats why they are not nice. Also I am still not getting how those filter works. I am sorry but I promise that I will go back and give those flowers proper photoshoot.









Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

19 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Of Fragrance Grow

  1. Anonymous


    Yes, I’m pretty sure that would happen to us if we went geocaching! I’m very impressed by the pictures – I’ve given up trying to carry a decent camera around and just use my phone!

  2. Anonymous

    No need to apologies – these are lovely! I love that you made time to take these photos even when you doing something else. Half the photos I take are done in a rush because Papsaurus is rolling his eyes at me or Kitty is telling me to hurry up and ‘why do you need to take more photo mummy?!’
    These show that you love taking photos – and did it smell nice there? Garden of Fragrance sounds divine!

    Thank you for joining in again xx

  3. Anonymous

    I fancy trying geocaching too although I suspect our experience might be similar to yours because I wouldn’t read the clue properly or down load the right app! Lovely photo’s and especially liking the spider. Iona@Redpeffer

  4. Anonymous

    How Does Your Garden Of Fragrance Grow

    Great photos of the deep pink azaleas, they are such a pretty flower. I’ve tried geocaching before, it was fun but we did get some strange looks from people who had no idea what we were doing.

  5. Anonymous

    I think they are super pictures. Sounds a great place, I love little gardens that we find on our travels.

  6. Anonymous

    Such a shame that that geocaching didn’t work- I hope it goes better the next time that you try it. We still have to try doing it. In fact- I might go and see if I can download an app now! I do love Euphorbia and I was also impressed with the bright colours of Azaleas this week!

  7. Anonymous

    The photos are lovely Merlinda, the spider is excellent and I like the one of Sebastian peaking round the corner x #HDYGG
    Sara (@mumturnedmom)


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