Word of the Week

I am thinking od what word sums up my week. So many things are happening around me at the moment. Geocaching for the family as we try to squeeze 1 or 2 on weekeds.

Childcare is still in my mind and how it is hard to find support for mothers like me who wants to work albeit a volunteer job. This mad eme backed off for those 2 jobs that i saw in the local paper which is just right for me. Quite a special week as I havent seen any job that fits me except for those two. It is related to my course and to my job in Manila before. But knowing how hard it is to find child support for me. I just didnt apply though it is in my head. And that volunteer job too. Cant stop thinking about it.

Blogging wise I have achieve a long time goal of getting into that TOTS100 Top 500. Again this is something special as I havent had any chance before in achieving goals. First time really and that made this one special. Of course next months is a whole new  ballgame. I have been in hiatus from commenting which I think helped me in my getting there. Needless to say next months I will spiral down hard. But its okay now. I am ready for that.

In the household still so many chores to do when my son got sick in the past days. It is nothing serious just fever really but he is so clingy on those days and I werent able to do much too as he is a bit clumsier. Falling a lot while playing inside the house. I was thinking he I need to start with his vitamins again. More milk for stronger bones. Just giving him more nutrients to be a stronger kid.

Saying this I am so proud that when we went to the playground last night (while Daddy is geocaching & after Mummy took some photos of flowers) he was able to climb this wall that i didnt think he can climb.

And then I just remember that I am still an Interior Design student and I need to do a lot of projects.

I promise myself that i wisll start that thsi Saturday and will talk about it with my husband on tonight. I stopped doing that just so I can concentrate on studying for the ESOL exam for my citizenship but I gave upo on it. I reckon I can never have that cotozenship as so much requirements are hard to meet.

Needless to say again that theres so many words thats buzzing in my head> geocaching, blogging, motherhood, wifehood, work, jobs, rankings, citizenship and school. My brain is like those bees hovering on flowers. Wont stop woking. Even at night when I am suppose to be resting. My brain ever so busy as a bee.

So I reckon why not choose that as my WOTW:

The Reading Residence
Binky Linky

11 thoughts on “Word of the Week

  1. Anonymous

    My Little L

    Congrats with TOP 500 i still have to work hard to reach it, but its not my goal really, i do understand what you mean with regards to looking for work, it is tough #binkylinky

  2. Anonymous

    You do have so much buzzing around your head, lots to think about lots to do. Congrats on getting into the top 500, that’s quite a milestone, and I know you’ve worked hard to get there. The childcare situation is frustrating, as I know you were sad to leave your volunteer position, and now to see 2 great jobs, must be really hard. I do hope the buzzing slows down for you soon and you can switch off a little and get some rest x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Anonymous

    It sounds like you so much on your plate! Well done on getting into the top 500. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  4. Anonymous

    Congrats on your Tots score!!
    It sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment! No wonder it’s buzzing around your head x

  5. Anonymous

    Gosh so busy! Well done for your tots100 ranking! It sounds like you need to try and take a little time to relax and rest. I know that’s easier said than done though.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky x (BakedPotato Mummy-I still can’t post as anything other than ‘ansnymous’ here!)

  6. Anonymous

    Great word, I often feel like that with so many thoughts going round in my head at once! Congrats on the TOTS100 ranking 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    What a great word! And congrats on your tots100 score! I think my word of the week would have to be Tired! Up all night feeding! Hoping for a better night tonight! Ali x

  8. Anonymous

    Wow you do have a lot going on. I hope its a lot calmer for you soon. Well done on your tots score x


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