Simple Things Sunday / Living Arrows

It was sunny so we let him play in the water. I am amazed on how he is not scared of it now. Few months ago he wouldnt go near it.


living arrows


7 thoughts on “Simple Things Sunday / Living Arrows

  1. Anonymous

    There is something I LOVE about children paddling in the sea, so cute! Lovely picture. My eldest loves the sea, my youngest still runs away from it… almost got her paddling, but instead got a fantastic photo of her running away full scream, whilst J was splashing in the background!

  2. Anonymous

    What a wonderful picture of your son.

    Regarding the Xperia-it is a good phone. One of the features Sony has is the ability to put apps in a folder. In turn this frees up space on each screen and allows you to put more apps on a page since widgets can be grouped together.

    I looked at the Samsung Galaxy line too but their colors are *over* saturated. I think the camera is better but all the colors are *so very bright*.

  3. Anonymous


    this is a beautiful shot! my daughter wouldn’t play with water too and she experienced her first beach experience yesterday which she loved it! xx

  4. Anonymous


    How sweet this is! I love when kiddos change their viewpoint on things. It is so fun to see them grow. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective


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