Take Me To The Beach

It was raining in the last days. Today tho it is different. It is not sunny but not as cloudy so we ventured out to the beach and what do you know its full of people! Also the usually muddy beach has water cuz of the high tide making the beach seem to look better (in my eye). The weather became brighter. Still no sun but bright enough for a photo. But then my camera is at home. About 2-3 minutes away from the beach. I told my husband and son that i will run back home to get the camera. I left them playing with the sand. Near the promenade. When I got back they are far far away. And my son lost his pants and is already playing in the water.



When hes leg got a bit too cold, my husband took him on his shoulders and we walked at the shore. Suddenly the sun is out. So we walk some more. We dont know till when this sun would last so we are going to take advantage of it. We stayed outside till we can handle it cuz we dont know what tomorrow (weather) will bring.




20 thoughts on “Take Me To The Beach

  1. Anonymous


    Looks like a lovely day out.I have very fond memories of days out at Weston-super-mud as we used to call it!

  2. Anonymous

    Coombe Mill

    I love your beach front there, it always looks like there is something to do when you want down to the sand

  3. Anonymous

    Just goes to show kids have fun on the beach whatever the weather and how much fun must have been a paddle in the sea! I wish we had donkeys on my beach – looks like you all had a lovely day x Ax

  4. Anonymous

    2-3 minutes away from the beach? Oh wow, you guys are so lucky! 🙂 We have a harbour in our little village and when it’s low tide, a little beach appears, big enough for the little ones to have a little play in. But if we wanted the “real thing”, we’ll have to drive for that, which is about 10 minute away, not 2-3! 🙂 #WhatsTheStory.

  5. Anonymous

    How awesome to be so close to the beach! Sounds like you had a great time there and I love the photos. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthstory

  6. Anonymous

    Lovely! It’s so wonderful when the sun comes out. How great to have the beach so close.

  7. Anonymous

    Lovely photos!

    Your son looks like a bundle of joy… perhaps he helped bring out all the sunshine 🙂 Love the shot of the pier and sky!

  8. Anonymous

    Great opportunity for moody (and cute!) pics living so close to the beach. Nice to make the most of the sun – its what this country is all about! X

  9. Anonymous

    what a lovely day. how lucky for you to live so close to the beach. Beautiful photos from what looks like a beautiful day.

  10. Anonymous

    I think it’s best to make the most of the sun while you can! Looks like lots of fun, and love how happy your son looks x

  11. Anonymous

    Ah but at least the tide was in! It’s always out when I visit Weston! #letkidsbekids Christine @afamilyday

  12. Anonymous


    your picture of the pier is amazing I would definatly have that on my wall!!!

  13. Anonymous

    It’s lovely to make the most of the sun isn’t it! Lovely photos x #LetKidsBeKids
    Sara (@mumturnedmom)

  14. Anonymous

    Popping back from let kids be kids. I do love the smile in your photo.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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