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Take Me To The Beach

It was raining in the last days. Today tho it is different. It is not sunny but not as cloudy so we ventured out to the beach and what do you know its full of people! Also the usually muddy beach has water cuz of the high tide making the beach seem to look better (in my eye). The weather became brighter. Still no sun but bright enough for a photo. But then my camera is at home. About 2-3 minutes away from the beach. I told my husband and son that i will run back home to get the camera. I left them playing with the sand. Near the promenade. When I got back they are far far away. And my son lost his pants and is already playing in the water.



When hes leg got a bit too cold, my husband took him on his shoulders and we walked at the shore. Suddenly the sun is out. So we walk some more. We dont know till when this sun would last so we are going to take advantage of it. We stayed outside till we can handle it cuz we dont know what tomorrow (weather) will bring.



Pocketful of Sunshine

As a person in general I can consider myself emo. Like everything is a drama! Hence, Glimmer of Hope as my blog name. I am probably that gloomy girl you saw walking on the sidewalk on a sunny day. Wearing black all over. Wallow is my middle name. And I am wondering how ever did I get to have a pocketful of sunshine for a child?  Here he is enjoying the slide even when he is sick. Always a smiley face! He falls (a lot) and he just dust it off, stand up and smile again attitude.

I am not complaining of course. I am so glad that he's got a smile every day even when he is sick or is falling. His smile is so contagious too, his quirkiness makes me grin and no matter how hard I try to fight the colors that he bring its slowly creeping into me. And one day, maybe one day his happiness will rub off of me and the next time you will see my walking on the sidewalk I will be prancing & hopping cuz I am happy.

**cue in that Pharell's song here**

Better Photo Project

It rained last all day and night. After walking my son to school I went the church near his school and took some photos.
I have been dreaming of taking photos of things while are wet. I think you can never fake a real rain on plants and flowers
(cuz I tried and it looks sprayed =P)

I was worried of the light as the cloud is really dark and its gloomy. I am really not familiar with the camera's technical details yet as I didnt know that low lights not that bad with this photo series. The brightness are okay (at least I think they look okay).

Here are the photos that I took. I hope you like them. I quite enjoy taking them.







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Shine the Divine

Enjoying Our Time Together … Outdoors.

Husband works 2 jobs on weekdays and we seldom really have time to go out together.
But when we do we make sure we use it properly by doing something together.
Like this one night. We went out to do what my husband is obsess doing recently.



As your can see my son Sebastian is all smiles as we seldom go out during this times. He really love going out.

He was also stuck at home as he's sick. Same reason we chose to spent that free one night together outside as we think it will be good for him to go out and get some fresh air.

Mind you he is really clumsy and kept on falling.


And falling


But he just laugh it off and stand again and just go to the next play thing in there.


And he made Daddy proud when he climbed this wall all by himself.



He just kept on moving, playing around all the playground plays. And the smiles got bigger and bigger.





He went home tired and his knees a bit bruised from falling a lot.
But it is a good night.
We have Daddy and we got to spend quality time with him.


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Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin: You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help.
Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

One of the most hurtful thing that a flasflood did to me was when I lost my Calvin and Hobbes Comic Book Collection. It happened in June 2008. I was sleeping and woken by tghe sound of water flowing. I thought its my mind telling me that I need to pee. When my feet touch my room floor theres water flowing in. And its rising fast! And I am so glad that the electricity went off few seconds after that cuz I dont know what would've have happened. Panic helped a lot. Seconds after that my family and I are carrying things way bigger than us up in a small second floor. The water wont stop rising and my knees would want to cave in. One point I sawmy sister carry our big dog up. I dont know if theres still space there.

Few minutes after the water stopped.

I sat on the bed that was submerged in muddy black water and I looked around and saw everything wet.

My books. My precious books.

Unlike here that you have libraries where you can borrow books, we Filipinos need to buy our own and they are expensive even though they are exempted from VAT (Value Added Tax). They are mostly imported too. When I got a job my salary is not enough for me to buy books. I have to wait 2 or 3 salary saved money before I can buy one book that I love. Its mostly Calvin & Hobbes, Gaiman, Architecture Books, Anatomy books for my sketching and some local authors as well. I am also in love with this series by Francince Pascal which is called Fearless and the Lemony Snicket ones.

When I saw them floating on that muddy water something in me died. I didnt cry but I felt the saddest ever. The meals that skipped, coffee and movie that I didnt see. The tasteless oatmeal that I ate just so I can save.

A dagger in my heart. That explained the pain then.

I recovered of course. I should be thankful that none of the pets died, none of the family members died and I did not die. Physically.

I think that that flash flood killed something inside everyone in that household.

Sense of security. Everyone would be jumpy everytime theres rain. Scared that that rain would bring flash flooding again.

Living with it for the longest time doesnt help too. Living with the muddy smell to remind you of that day.

I still love books. But I am scared to have them physically now. Even here. Cuz that part that of me that died that day is still dead. I never went back to my old self. And I never saw my Calvin & Hobbes ever again.

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