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Ginataang Mais (Rice and Corn with Coconut Milk)

Ginataang Mais (Rice and Corn with Coconut Milk) is a fave food in my country The Philippines. Ginataan (Coconut Milk) dishes are common and have lots of variation such as sweet and savory. This is a sweet coconut milk dish. In here we used rice with corn but you can also use red mongo beans (adzuki beans) and theres also Ginataang Sari Sari that has a lot of add-ons like banana, tapioca, yam and the sticky rice is in ball form. I know, too much info! This is a snack that my mother cooks for me. A favorite in our household. We usually add Jackfruit flesh in here to add to sweetness and smell. But again that's hard to find here.

I always wanted to do this dish but I don't know where to find glutinous rice. The main ingredient needed. I started doing Rice Pudding for my son and realized that its a bit the same. Not sticky enough but rice pudding rice has a good texture thick too. This is the first time for me to try it here and I am glad that it worked.



  • 1 cup – coconut milk
  • 1-1/2 cups –  water (adjust to your preference)
  • 1/2 cup – rice pudding rice
  • 4 cobettes – corn, cut
  • 1/2 cup – granulated sugar
Cooking Procedure
  1. Combine coconut milk, corn and rice in a cooking pot then turn on the heat.
  2. Once the coconut milk is boiling, stir the mixture to prevent the glutinous rice from sticking. Set the heat to low and let the rice cook stirring continuously. Adding about 1/2 cup of water every time the liquid is reduced. Do so till the rice is cooked.
  3. Put-in the sugar and stir thoroughly. Cook for 2 more minutes.
  4. Serve and eat! Yummy!

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Axbridge Reservoir

We went camping again and on our way home we remembered that we wanted to go in here as its on the way and the weather is okay. Sunny bit not hot.
Upon entering we were welcome with clear blue, green water and ducks. There are also dogwalkers and like us people who just wants have some fresh air. There are also going to be an event in the afternoon so a lot of cars are passing us by as this is also a sailing club area.

My son is in awe of the clearness of the water as the beach near our house is a bit on the muddy side. He also enjoyed looking at the ducks and swan. Some even went near us probably thinking that we have some bread. We dont have any as this is an impromptu visit. Visiting this place made our day just better.

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All out.

Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is. Mark Twain

I know that I have said this a gazillion times already but I just started being serious with the blog this March. Putting a counter and seriously joining linkys. I have commented on so many blog entries that my life since March is scattered on bloggers' comment pages. Little bits of me being exposed in a sentence or two or a paragraph. Stories of my life that I trusted to tell on complete strangers because they shared theirs with me thru their blogs.

Since March I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions too.  From the blog that I am reading and from my post that I am sharing. Some are too heavy that I have to literally stop and recover. And some really made me cry. Some are so happy. Some are so lush, posh, funny, pretty and mostly cute.

Doing this I have only one goal in mind, getting in Tots100 500 ranks. Its so sweet seeing those badges with those numbers. I didnt got through my frist month of course. It is too far from my goal. I worked harder. Visiting more blogs, staying up all night commenting and joining more linkys. This of course made me anti social as I have to stay in front of the laptop all day and night. Thinking, breathing and thinking of the blogs every waking hours.

When the next ranking came out I am still not in it.


I didn't gave up and worked harder if there's such a thing. This time I even manage to make blog entries early and forced requested husband if I can have a paid LJ. It is cheap but for us with financial worries it is a big deal. I am thankful for his support my husband. I promise him that I will stop with my insanity after I go to the 500.

I got in! Not only did i made it there I got 322! Yey!

To a lot of you those numbers are nothing. But to me these numbers are everything that i worked hard for. My rossette. My medal =)

But my family got sick. As in all of us. We got this tummy bug. All of us are scrambling to get to the toilet first. Good thing that my son has got his own potty!
The whole week I cant join my linkys and I cant comment and that is the end of me.  And yet I am okay with it. I got into my goal and I gave it my all and I am so happy that I got in that position. I worked hard but I have to be true to my promise to my husband as well that I will go back to not being obsessed with blogging. That I am slowly doing. Joining less linky. Commenting on less blogs.  There are just linkys that I really love that I cant say goodbye just yet. This ranking I will slide down but its okay. I am so happy to reach that high when what I really want is 500.

Thanks for everyone who helped me get in here. Thanks for new friends. I value you guys. You just dont know what you mean to me. I am not stopping. I am just slowing down to recover.

I went all out with this goal and I got the one thing that I want.


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Been nervous most of the week. This week we are to attend some event in my son's new school for September. The first one being a dinner. My son is an okay boy all over what this is the field that we havent perfected yet. Mealtimes. In the house mealtime is us parents asking him to please concentrate on eating instead of walking round and playing around the table. And this dark secret that I keep, I still spoon feed him cuz if not he would never eat by himself. We started with eating on the table and we do have progress but they are slow. I am wishing that before school start this September theres something different. That he can eat by himself or at least stay on his chair.

We then went back to school for another meeting and I am more relax as this one doesnt involve eating with a fork and knife. Just snacky things. They mafde the kids see their future classroom. I am so proud that he behaved well and got to play with new kids! We bought used uniform from the parents association. Believe me they are in good condition and they are cheaper than when you are buying new ones. My husband bought too much actually.

I think that other than the eating side, we are ready to tackle his foundation years!

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One of the thing that I am most thankful for always is the relationship of my son to his father.  I never had this relationship and I am in awe of how my husband gives our son his attention.  They are always happy to have each other and I am always happy to record these events.

Like when its too hot in the house and they did this in the terrace =)

They also share their passion for Lego.

And he doesn't want Daddy to go to his second job a lot of times! So he held him hostage with (what else?) Lego!

Our house is simple, we are always struggling financially but I am .. happy to say that its a happy home cuz of this 2 wacky boys in my life. All over my blog you can find photos, stories and scenes of how much fun these 2 always have. I am so proud of their father and son relationship and I could not ask for more.


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Fountain of Youth

Last Saturday was the longest day of the year. Longest for us too. So many things that are happening and we just attended as much as we can and still keep our sanity by going home every so often! What can I say life is grand =P

One of the activity that we did was to let my son bathe on the fountain near the beach. We usually do this often. It is our own paddling pool and its size is massive! He stayed here the longest time and he met so many kids that are bathing in there too. Dare I say I have found the fountain of youth!

After this of course we did so many more things. Like going back to this fountain for our night walk. It is amazing how quiet it is at night when few hours ago its bursting with laughter and squeaks and shrieks. Well fountains needs to rest too.

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Let Kids Be Kids – Helping Mommy Cook

Errr its really a no cook sweets that I am making called Polvoron. He loves helping me so I let him. I just toasted the flour and let him mix the dry ingredients then add the butter! You can get the ingredients and procedure from here.

Here he is helping me. He is such a good assistant. Messy but good =P

and our finish product!

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