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17 thoughts on “Bee

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful photo. Not an easy shot. I’ve spent too much time taking photos of bees. They really are camera shy.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m in awe

    This photo is amazing. Why are you not on some big photo shoot or something. Your talent is too good to be wasted here unless you’re just a nice guy sharing your beauties, and if that’s the case I thank you so much for stopping by so I can come here, and partake of the beauty. So wonderful you take my breath away! Thank you again.

  3. Anonymous

    Fantastic! I’ve been chasing the bumble bees all week to try and get a good close up like this. no such luck yet.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow that is mad amazing Merlinda! You must have a better camera than me because I don’t think mine would be physically capable of taking a shot like that. Fantastic capture X

  5. Anonymous

    Oooo action shot – amazing how you got him hovering so clearly – hard to do! Thanks for joining in again – are you having a good weekend? x


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