Opening of (Birthday) Presents (Not sponsored)

My son's birthday is on the 19th and every parcel that would arrive home is his birthday presents and he would open it with gusto! We cant go out as its raining & he cant go to school as hes got diarrhea last Monday. School wants him home for 2 days before he can go back. So its just me and him and cabin fever. Luckily I got 2 parcels> 1 last Tuesday & 1 last Wednesday. Which is lucky as I usually don't have mails at all and parcel only comes once in a blue moon. So I think we have a blue moon then =P

Tuesday> First is a prize from Persil from their FB page. A book and a bottle of the washing soap. He said I wonder what it is when he saw the box and when he did found out that its a bottle (& a book) he immediately took the bigger bottle in the cabinet and said its Mummy and Baby. He just playead and played with it making tower and blocks.

Wednesday> A rainy day and we cant go out plus I am sick. So what better way to lift my son's spirit up? Another parcel! Yeyness! He wont even let me touch it! Mummy its mine he would say. He opened it and its a Brita prize that Ive won from Time To Be An Adult. He just loves it too! Like its really his gift. This pitcher is so good as I am limiting his juice intake as his teeth has got cavity. This will inspire him to drink water as its a red pitcher! It fascinate him hence the water will be drunk easily =)

Today is nada (blue moon gone) but its okay as my son is back to school so that will occupy him. But at least the last 2 days are interesting for him and parcel made him happy. I reckon we need to post our real birthday gifts to him as its more exciting. He loves it more. Thanks for my prizes! They are really highly appreciated (by my son).


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13 thoughts on “Opening of (Birthday) Presents (Not sponsored)

  1. Anonymous

    reasons to be cheerful

    Lovely photos.
    Parcels are always special
    Have a fab week

  2. Anonymous

    i think all kids curious, what it could be in that box, oh thats in mummy’s bag, my nephews are like that

  3. Anonymous

    Reasons to be cheerful

    Oh bless him, he definitely looks happy, I would seriously consider piling his presents up by the letter box!
    x Ojo x

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like he’s having fun! All kids love opening boxes don’t they? They seem to like the box more than whats inside sometimes! Bet he’s excited for his birthday! #ThankfulThursday

  5. Anonymous

    My little boy loves opening my parcels too. He will always run to the door to see what post has been delivered. Hope the pitcher works to inspire him 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Aww he’s so cute with the Persil bottles! It’s the simple things that keep them happy! #binkylinky

  7. Anonymous

    Wow – double lucky – one for winning the prizes and second for them arriving when your son needed them! #binkylinky

  8. Anonymous

    I love how excited he got over these parcels, what perfect timing to cheer him up when he’s been unwell.
    I think posting things to him is a great idea, I’m sure he would even love getting a postcard if it had his name on it and a cool picture 🙂 #binkylinky

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you!

    Such a lovely post! I’m glad the jug put a smile on both you and your sons faces!


    Carrie- Time to be an Adult


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