So I was sick since Wednesday. Few minutes ago my mouth is so bitter and then I vomited. My head is killing me and my body aches. Every joints and corners. I need to stop doing this entry every so often because I get dizzy. But I cant not let this go without a word. I need to let it out. I need an outlet.

We received a letter telling us to vacate our house.


Do we have time? Can we look for a new one thats as cheap? Where are we going to go if we didnt find anything? Our son will start school here in September! Are we going to get the deposit back? Why so sudden? Why now? Why today when I am feeling shitty and my body is not up for any challenge? Why? Are we going to be homeless? Is it fair? Who will depend us if its not? Help?

One thing I am sure of is that I do not I know what the future is holding for us.

Uncertainty comes to mind.


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12 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear that. Private renting in this country seems to be so problematic for families getting moved on. You can just about guarantee that the timing will be rubbish too. Hope you find somewhere you are happy with soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh I do hope you find somewhere you like and can afford asap. (and that you feel better soon!) #PoCoLo

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, Merlinda, this is such a blow, even worse and when you’re feeling so awful. I do hope that you manage to find something soon, and hopefully it’ll end up being a better move. And I hope you feel brighter soon, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. Anonymous


    Oh I am so sorry to hear that things aren’t good at the moment. I hope you manage to find a place where you’ll be happy x

  5. Anonymous

    oh no! I know this will be hard -but better things are ahead! I hope you are feeling better soon and things get resolved quickly.

  6. Anonymous

    Mel @mydaysni

    I hope you are feeling a bit better now. Change is always hard, but it can be good too!

  7. Anonymous

    I hope you can find somewhere suitable soon. Our rental contract ends soon and I am very worried it will not be renewed. Uncertainty indeed.x#pocolo

  8. Anonymous

    Oh hon that is really scary and not nice when you are feeling so unwell. I cross my fingers for you that something suitable comes up quickly. X #WotW

  9. Anonymous

    Ohh no! Such an awful situation!! We rent and always have the same worries!! I hope things are better for you soon x

  10. Anonymous

    oh no, thats not so good, search when you are ill and have to think about family is hard, make sure all is legally correct they should give you 2 months notice, good luck with your new move and take care

  11. Anonymous

    😦 so sorry to hear this. I really hope you find somewhere soon. I can’t even begin to imagine what your going through x


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