Unless You Get A Little Crazy

My husband is a keen kayaker. It is his outlet and I think that being a father he wants to share this passion to his son. I saw it when he found him a proper wetsuit that fits! He was just too happy that even when it is unplanned and not in our tight budget he did buy it.

They planned so many things on how to go and kayak together. But the next day the weather is not cooperating. One minute gloriously sunny:

and next its gloomy and raining like bonkers:

And the chance for using the new wetsuit is nowhere the horizon. What else are these two going to do? Go out and kayak on the sea whether its sunny or raining of course! So of to the beach and the rain we go! Were going on my son's first kayaking adventure!

Glad we did went crazy and went ahead with kayaking cuz its the most fun ever!


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


24 thoughts on “Unless You Get A Little Crazy

  1. Anonymous

    magic moments

    looks like they had fun whatever the weather and I think that is the best thing to do

  2. Anonymous

    This is England I guess – the every-changing weather! But looks like they still managed to have some fun in the end which is great! 🙂 #WhatsTheStory

  3. Anonymous

    Great Fun

    Looks like you had great fun despite the weather, and I had better not show my OH as he is desperate for a Kayak!

  4. Anonymous

    Wet suits are a must for the sea and what fun to join Dad kayaking. Great photos of a fun afternoon, Country Kids at it’s best.

  5. Anonymous

    From: Mummy Tries

    so very cute! Glad your hubby and son have a shared hobby to enjoy :o) #magicmoments

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like lots of fun, he looks so happy with his suit and it’s great if it means he can get out with Daddy 🙂 Happy days! #magicmoments

  7. Anonymous

    Wow that looks like so much fun, what a brave boy! He looks so cute in his little wetsuit! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    Oh what great fun! Your local beach looks absolutely wonderful and they look like they had such a brilliant time together. Fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  9. Anonymous

    How lovely to have that to share together-such a great thing to do. They look so happy 🙂 Iona@Redpeffer

  10. Anonymous


    It looks like you all had a wonderful day despite the weather! It’s lovely that your son and husband have a shared hobby now and I hope your son doesn’t grow out of that wet suit too fast! #magicmoments

  11. Anonymous

    What a brave little boy you have – wonderful to live close to the sea to try these things #SSAmazingAchievements

  12. Anonymous

    Yeh! for just getting on with it. Hope they have many adventures in the future. Hopefully a few in the sun. #CountryKids

  13. Anonymous

    You cannot trust the British weather to make its mind up! Sometimes you just have to say what the heck and do what you want even if it is raining. It can still be fun 🙂 #CountryKids

  14. Anonymous

    What a great thing to share with his Daddy. I don’t think I would have been able to watch when they were on the sea but it looks like they had so much fun.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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