Hope Blooms

I am always passing by this area every after school run. Being always in a hurry lately to go home to do chores makes me not realized the new things that are added in the area. Earlier my bananas (which my son is so addicted to lately) fell on the grass (yes I am clumsy like that), I have to pick it up and the stop made me look and see things that's new here.

So much had change since I last blog about this, Small Patch of Hope.

The weather then is gloomy and sad and now it is picking up. People are like me, still in a hurry but now they have time to sit down & soak up the sun. So many things are planted too. I cant wait for them to really bloom, be more lush and show their real beauty. Come out! The world is so promising for these flowers!

The changes are not limited to the landscape. I have also changed a lot with the weather, the seasons and the blooms. When I wrote that entry I am sad, directionless and lonely, gloomy like the weather. I am hiding so many secrets (from my sister) and I am pushing people who are trying to be friends with me. I am at my worst I can even say that. Today,now as I am writing this I know what I want. I am still trying to get there and looking for ways to get there but at least I know where. I am slowly letting people inside my a zone that was closed before. I am still not thoroughly opening up but… but I am a bit. And I told my sister my deepest darkest secret. When I told her about it, the weight is not as heavy. As we are now sharing the load of it. And after so long, after a long and lonely winter here comes the sun and for the very very first time in my life here in the UK, hope blooms.


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8 thoughts on “Hope Blooms

  1. Anonymous

    So glad you are feeling happier and more positive, it’s great that you were able to talk to your sister.
    Beautiful close-up photos, but love the pic of the train on the floral track too 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Bless you. I love your outlook and your photos are beautiful too. I know that when I feel low it’s the easiest thing in the world to lock yourself away because it takes so much energy just to keep going. But if you can break that cycle (as you’ve done) by talking to your sister then I hope you’re able to keep the hope flowing xx Iona@Redpeffer

  3. Anonymous

    Those yellow flowers at the end are lovely as are your words. I hope that you can share more and in doing so relieve yourself of what weighs heavy on your heart.

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful post and you’ve taken such a positive step forwards sharing what you have here. Baby steps are often the best way forward, even thought they seem such small changes – so lovely to read that you have your sisters support x

  5. Anonymous

    Your flower close-ups are looking awesome. Writing how you feel on here is a massive step and incredibly positive. Sending you only good wishes.


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