Camping preparation was chaotic as I am clueless on what to bring and what not to bring. I don't want to overdo it but I dont want to forget things that are needed the most. In the end we went out of the door wishing that we have everything we need to have a decent camping experience. First for all of us =)

We met up with friends whom we will go camping with. Not only our first camping out but also a first for me to spend an overnight stay with someone who is not a member of my family. Scary much.

Then we head to the camping site. We arrive there and the sky was gloomy. I am wishing it wont rain as I don't want to walk on soggy grounds.  Good thing that it all ended with a gloomy sky. We even manage to have a long walk before the sunset and saw a pretty sunset on higher ground. The rain did not arrive and it was a nice night to start the fire. Start the fire we did! It was big and warm and we toasted mallows and the kids run around it.

I am also glad that the child of the our friends are nice. She is the nicest and the most patient towards my son who is so into her. They just played and played like there's no age gap between them. With the crackling of the wood are laughter of 2 kids playing. What a nice night it was. Knowing that the kids are okay me and the other Mum just talked about life. A first time for me to be comfortable in a setting like this. The most intimate setting for me.

Night time came and I need to bring my Sebastian to sleep. Then the problems arise. I forgot to bring my contact lens solution and case. No glasses for me as well. So when I took it off I can no longer join the adults outside cuz I can no longer see anything especially in the dark even when there's fire. I also realized that I did not bring proper blankets. 2 thin fleece blanket is not enough to give me and my son warmth inside the tent.

I sat there cold as I need to share the blanket with my son. Him being the priority had the thick ones. Its like winter for me all over again. Other than that everything is okay.

The next day is a bit hard too. With me almost blind, I did not enjoy the morning activity. Fathers Day was spent in a carboot sale but I cant see the wares being sold. So there. I am just being dragged from one place to another. I am a bit embarrassed with the other family. They probably think I am not enjoying it but its really just hard to not see things well.

We then went home tired. But we will do this again and I know better the next time!

I want to do this again and correct the things! We will do this again cuz in spite of the things we forgot to bring as  camping is really nice! A real fun for my son and playing with her new found friend.



34 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Anonymous

    Gorgeous photos. Sounds like overall it was a fun experience going with another family, mixed in with some trickier times. I can sympathise, I would be lost without my glasses or contact lens- it wouldn’t ruin the weekend for me as I literally can hardly see anything in focus without them.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello lovely. We’re just back from camping-our first night in a trailer tent! We’ve camped before though so have a fairly good idea what to bring, but I still manage to forget something everytime! I hope you go again as it’s good fun as long as you have everything you need to stay warm and dry. I have a tent that I wanted to pass on to someone-if we can work out a way of getting it to you-would you like it? It sleeps 4 and is a tunnel tent and it’s big enough for an adult to stand upright in the centre. Oh, and if you want to camp again, I’d definitely recommend getting a camping extension lead and link up to electric hook up-that way you get heat and a quick boiling kettle (my two must haves for camping). Iona@Redpeffer

  3. Anonymous

    Very brave of you….I don’t like camping I like my home comforts too much…hehehe It sounds like you had a good time despite the hiccups you had! x

  4. Anonymous


    Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog. The pictures here are great. Your trip looks like it was lessons learned and members to last a life time.

  5. Anonymous


    Your campfire looked lovely, it makes me look forward to my camping weekend soon at Camp Bestival!
    Holidays like this can be tiring and we can’t always guarantee the weather in the UK but at least you’ve had a new experience!

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      Re: Campfires!

      Campfires are best ever. The center of our activity. Time for the guys to be guys too by starting it. They Just love starting and making the fire big! That one is just so lovely we didnt stop talking till its gone. Then it time for sleep =P

  6. Anonymous

    What an experience!

    I always enjoy looking at the beautiful photos you take.
    Glad forgetting things hasn’t put you off. I’m just getting into camping and outdoor living too X

    Chrissie (Muddled Manuscript)

  7. Anonymous

    the children looked like they enjoyed it, and it is great you got yourself out of your comfort zone, so well done.
    I hate camping personally but we did use to take the three youngest years ago.
    Im sure next time you will be more relaxed, remember your lotion and also this time you will have realised what you didnt need.

  8. Anonymous

    Sounds like you still had fun, even though you couldn’t see very well. It’s been years since I’ve gone camping. Have a terrific night.

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve never really ever been camping and think I would probably make the same mistake taking thin blankets. Glad it was fun even despite that though band that you’d go again x
    Tas @Notmyyearoff

  10. Anonymous

    I love camping! Don’t worry, the next time you guys go, I’m sure you’ll manage to take everything with you πŸ˜‰ #WhatsTheSTory.

  11. Anonymous

    Looks great fun

    So glad you had a nice time, even though you forgot things. We went camping this weekend as well. It was our daughters first time. We are uite new to it as well and still spend the days prior to leaving making lists and worrying if we are taking to much or not enough stuff

  12. Anonymous

    Looks like you had a nice time (apart from forgetting a few things) I used to love camping and can’t wait to have a trip camping with the girls one day soon x

  13. Anonymous

    Coombe Mill

    Cood that you enjoyed it enough to try again despite the lack of contact lenses and cold. You will be an expert next time.

  14. Anonymous

    I love camping, we haven’t been for ages. Must go over the summer! Sorry you forgot a few things, but I’m really glad that you still enjoyed it and want to go again x
    Sara (@mumturnedmom)

  15. Anonymous

    I think it’s great you were willing to try camping and even want to go again! The first time is always a learning experience. Sounds like your son had a wonderful time though! #magicmoments
    Marie @ Normal Everyday Life

  16. Anonymous

    It was all going so well in that lovely location toasting mallows! As you say, you’ll be well equipped for next time. I’ve not camped for years so I’d forget a lot no doubt! Great photos though, thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  17. Anonymous

    At least it hasn’t put you off totally that can only be a good thing, these thins happen and I am sure no one thought anything of it. Such a shame you didn’t get to enjoy as much as you’d liked but still it sounds like you had a great time #magicmoments

  18. Anonymous

    This would totally be me – I am NOT a camper and I would forget a bunch of things too. I can imagine Sebastian had fun though, and that my little boy would love camping too. So maybe, MAYBE I’ll be brave enough to take him camping one day. Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork

  19. Anonymous

    Camping can’t be easy, but I’m sure it was a good experience for the first time! The photos look great πŸ™‚

  20. Anonymous

    Great photos! Mummy wears contact lenses too and her fear is forgetting the solution and her glasses! x

  21. Anonymous

    First time we camped with our eldest, it was freezing. I wish I had taken more covers. I just expected it to be warmer. We had frost on the outside of the tent which I didn’t expect in late June! Live and learn. Hope you go again. #CountryKids

  22. Anonymous

    I love th idea of camping. It always looks so much fun but for me that’s all it will ever be just an idea. I am so scared of anything that crawls, flies, buzzes, stings so being outdoors would be a no Jo for me. I love your photos πŸ™‚ thanks again for linking up to #GoldenOldies via

  23. Anonymous

    Oh the problem with contacts! I’ve been there – as a teenager I was always doing this, and I would sleep in them so I wouldn’t be blind! By the time I was 18 I gave up and bought daily ones – so much better! #goldenoldies


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