One of the thing that I am most thankful for always is the relationship of my son to his father.  I never had this relationship and I am in awe of how my husband gives our son his attention.  They are always happy to have each other and I am always happy to record these events.

Like when its too hot in the house and they did this in the terrace =)

They also share their passion for Lego.

And he doesn't want Daddy to go to his second job a lot of times! So he held him hostage with (what else?) Lego!

Our house is simple, we are always struggling financially but I am .. happy to say that its a happy home cuz of this 2 wacky boys in my life. All over my blog you can find photos, stories and scenes of how much fun these 2 always have. I am so proud of their father and son relationship and I could not ask for more.


Secrets of the 


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13 thoughts on “Relationship

  1. Anonymous

    As a father, it’s been really satisfying to build relationships bothe with my two sons and my daughter. They all love theor mummy very much, but there’s a completely different dynamic when it comes to their relationship with me. I think (well, at least, I hope!) that they appreciate the fact they get slightly different approaches from their two parents and enjoy doing different things with them. #brilliantblogposts

  2. Anonymous

    What a lovely post. I didn’t have a relationship with my dad either so can understand how important it is for our children not to miss out on it. Their bond is obvious. xx

  3. Anonymous

    Aww this is lovely, always so nice to see the love between a daddy and his child. Looks like they have so much fun together and you are lucky, so you may not have as much money as you’d like but you are a happy family and that means so much more xx #loudnproud

  4. Anonymous

    I know this, always financially difficult … but the most valuable thing is to have good atmosphere and joy of life together. For that I am grateful too

  5. Anonymous

    What a lovely post. I understand just what you mean, money doesn’t make a home a happy one – the love of the people in it do xx

  6. Anonymous

    That’s lovely, my son has the same relationship with his Daddy, even though they spend very little quality time together #loudnproud

  7. Anonymous

    That is so lovely. It’s wonderful when the man you love is being brilliant with the little man you love! Happy times.

  8. Anonymous

    I think watching my girls with their Daddy is one of my favourite things in the world. Just lovely šŸ˜€ #LoudandProud


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