All out.

Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is. Mark Twain

I know that I have said this a gazillion times already but I just started being serious with the blog this March. Putting a counter and seriously joining linkys. I have commented on so many blog entries that my life since March is scattered on bloggers' comment pages. Little bits of me being exposed in a sentence or two or a paragraph. Stories of my life that I trusted to tell on complete strangers because they shared theirs with me thru their blogs.

Since March I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions too.  From the blog that I am reading and from my post that I am sharing. Some are too heavy that I have to literally stop and recover. And some really made me cry. Some are so happy. Some are so lush, posh, funny, pretty and mostly cute.

Doing this I have only one goal in mind, getting in Tots100 500 ranks. Its so sweet seeing those badges with those numbers. I didnt got through my frist month of course. It is too far from my goal. I worked harder. Visiting more blogs, staying up all night commenting and joining more linkys. This of course made me anti social as I have to stay in front of the laptop all day and night. Thinking, breathing and thinking of the blogs every waking hours.

When the next ranking came out I am still not in it.


I didn't gave up and worked harder if there's such a thing. This time I even manage to make blog entries early and forced requested husband if I can have a paid LJ. It is cheap but for us with financial worries it is a big deal. I am thankful for his support my husband. I promise him that I will stop with my insanity after I go to the 500.

I got in! Not only did i made it there I got 322! Yey!

To a lot of you those numbers are nothing. But to me these numbers are everything that i worked hard for. My rossette. My medal =)

But my family got sick. As in all of us. We got this tummy bug. All of us are scrambling to get to the toilet first. Good thing that my son has got his own potty!
The whole week I cant join my linkys and I cant comment and that is the end of me.  And yet I am okay with it. I got into my goal and I gave it my all and I am so happy that I got in that position. I worked hard but I have to be true to my promise to my husband as well that I will go back to not being obsessed with blogging. That I am slowly doing. Joining less linky. Commenting on less blogs.  There are just linkys that I really love that I cant say goodbye just yet. This ranking I will slide down but its okay. I am so happy to reach that high when what I really want is 500.

Thanks for everyone who helped me get in here. Thanks for new friends. I value you guys. You just dont know what you mean to me. I am not stopping. I am just slowing down to recover.

I went all out with this goal and I got the one thing that I want.


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10 thoughts on “All out.

  1. Anonymous

    It is so amazing when you reach a great position in these charts, I found the work needed too much to maintain. It also started to take the joy out of blogging for me. However, well done you and lovely to find your site. x

  2. Anonymous

    Well done

    This blogging stuff, it is so beautiful and rewarding, but my word it takes over our lives doesn’t it? Like you I push and push in hopes of climbing those ranks. But after BritMums live I started thinking about the time I sacrifice. I am not stopping or anything like that, but understanding the linkys I want to be part of for enjoyment’s sake rather than just because I feel I should.

    I hope you are all better now. xx #theprompt

  3. Anonymous

    Well done. It is nice to achieve a ranking isn’t it? I enjoy reading your blog and I’m keen to follow your son’s adventures at school soon, now that you are joining the rest of us on the 9-3.30 day.

  4. Anonymous

    I think you’ve done brilliantly Merlinda, I simply cannot keep up 🙂 I can’t spend more time blogging than I do, so I have now accepted my position! I keep going because I love it, and I love to write. I hope that I will still see you on #ThePrompt every so often, I love having you join in xx But, do enjoy a bit of a break 🙂 Thanks for linking xx

  5. Anonymous

    Keep at it Merlinda! My goal nearly 3 years ago when my blog was ‘born’ was to make it in to the top 1000! As long as you enjoy your blog & then well done!

  6. Anonymous

    Well done on your Tots100 ranking. I’ve never been in the top 500 for it. It really does take a lot of hard work.

  7. Anonymous

    Well done Merlinda. Blogging is great as a sideline and some people are lucky enough to turn it into a career. Fantastic to see where you are ranked this month. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  8. Anonymous


    Well done. Even in the sort time I’ve been joining in the linky I’ve seen your blog grow from strengh to strength.

    Great post – so encouraging to those of us still wondering what else we can do to get THERE with blogging (me).

    Chrissie (Muddled Manuscript) x

  9. Anonymous

    From: Mummy Tries

    Well done you! Just goes to show that when you go all out in blog land it does pay off :o)


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