Been nervous most of the week. This week we are to attend some event in my son's new school for September. The first one being a dinner. My son is an okay boy all over what this is the field that we havent perfected yet. Mealtimes. In the house mealtime is us parents asking him to please concentrate on eating instead of walking round and playing around the table. And this dark secret that I keep, I still spoon feed him cuz if not he would never eat by himself. We started with eating on the table and we do have progress but they are slow. I am wishing that before school start this September theres something different. That he can eat by himself or at least stay on his chair.

We then went back to school for another meeting and I am more relax as this one doesnt involve eating with a fork and knife. Just snacky things. They mafde the kids see their future classroom. I am so proud that he behaved well and got to play with new kids! We bought used uniform from the parents association. Believe me they are in good condition and they are cheaper than when you are buying new ones. My husband bought too much actually.

I think that other than the eating side, we are ready to tackle his foundation years!

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19 thoughts on “School

  1. Anonymous

    if he is hungry at school he will eat, maybe now is the time over the Summer to let him go hungry in the house and feed himself, even if that is done in fits and starts of a spoonful and wander away, another spoonful and wander away. I would plonk the food on the table, eat my own whilst ignoring him totally if he misbehaves, and clear the table after say 30 mins, if nothing is eaten then do the same for the next meal.

  2. Anonymous


    I am sure he will be fine at meal times as the other children will encourage him to eat. Have a good weekend x

  3. Anonymous

    I think it’s very normal for a small child to not want yo sit and eat I wouldn’t worry 🙂 #binkylinky

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t worry too much. I think he’ll manage fine. I also occasionaly spoon-feed my daughter (I think it’s a Filipino thing actually), but only do it when I know she hasn’t had much to eat in the day and want to make sure that she eats well. Most times though, she tells me “I want to do it on my own! Kids always somehow manage, especially when we are not around 🙂 #WOTW

  5. Anonymous

    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood
    It is such an important milestone in their little lives. I am sure he will be fine with the eating once he starts and sits down to eat with other children #wotw

  6. Anonymous

    I’d try not to worry about your son managing to eat at school….I’m sure he will try and copy other children eating…It’s quite amazing how independent they can be when they are at school.

  7. Anonymous

    About children and food

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment.
    Yes!…time flies with children for mothers, fathers and grands, such as me!
    Our youngest grandgirls was such a BAD eater when she was your son’s age, but now that she is seven she’s quite normal with her eating habits, I would say just what she needs, so don’t worry much about it my friend, he’ll come around with his food relationship as he gets a little older, you’ll see!
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Anonymous

    Our girls are two and we still spoon feed them now and again. I’d just try not to worry about it, although that’s easier said than done. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  9. Anonymous

    I’m so pleased that it went well and that he got on well when he was there. I’m sure he’ll soon be feeding himself when the other kids are all doing it around him x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  10. Anonymous

    You’ll probably be surprised by what he can do once a teacher expects it vs. a parent. I find that with play school. Things my daughter won’t do or expects me to do at home, she is perfectly able to do at school. I wouldn’t stress. It will happen naturally x

  11. Anonymous

    I’m glad your visits went well. This is such an exciting, yet nerve-racking time in our children’s lives.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about eating, it is something he will pick up on. But I would suggest you start leaving him try and gain some independence now. He won’t starve himself but a little hunger will help him learn what he’s supposed to do x #BinkyLinky

  12. Anonymous

    Loving life with little ones

    My eldest starts school in September also, she has loved her story sessions and can’t wait to start. your son will be fine, the school will have rules and he will learn to follow them, he might even start doing it at home too. I’m sure he will love making new friends and showing of his drawing talent too #pocolo

  13. Anonymous

    It’s amazing how peer pressure can make a difference – when he’s surrounded by all his friends sitting eating, he’ll not want to go off and play and will eat better and probably even try things he wouldn’t normally! Glad he’s getting on ok.


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