The Gallery – Younger Me

All of my photos of me when I was younger was damaged by the flashflood before. This is the oldest that I can find from my photobucket account. The funny thing is I called the file hot chick haha!

With me here is our dog Juanito. Still alive now but far from me. He is at home. Love and miss him to bits.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

11 thoughts on “The Gallery – Younger Me

  1. Anonymous

    That must be hard to leave a pet behind! But look at your smile! 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh that is a shame that you lost your photos. My friend lost all her photos of her child’s first year so I try to upload any nice photos now to a number of places xxx

  3. Anonymous

    Ha ha hot chick! You look really happy in this pic. So sad that you had to leave your dog behind 😦

  4. Anonymous

    Losing my photos is one of my fears! I lost a years worth once and ever since I’ve been a bit OCD with backing them up in several places!
    Great photo, and lovely to have one with your dog too, we had to leave ours in England, she went to friend of a friend so I have no idea what happened to her, I know she would have been loved and well looked after though.

  5. Anonymous

    Nightmare losing your photos – I really should take more care of mine (looking for one for the Gallery, I ended up just digging through boxes). Glad you have some left though. You look happy in it. Memories of good times?

  6. Anonymous

    awww what a shame lovely that you lost all you older ones, thats such an awful thing to happen 😦 x


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